Rextroy One-Shots: Planning and Executing the Perfect One-Shot Combo

Rextroy One-Shots: Planning and Executing the Perfect One-Shot Combo

Today, we are going to talk about a hilarious interaction for Shamans, featuring Counterstrike Totem, Mind Control as well as a certain NPC…

This is one of the more complex combos I have done in a while, and in the video you will join me on the journey, when I discovered it!

The original plan, was to somehow redirect or make Horde get one shot by the insane amount of damage you are allowed to do on lower level enemies, thanks to damage scaling.

Counterstrike Totem was an early part of the plan, the thing I wanted to build around (or try to).

I tested it with some lower level NPCs to see how the damage worked, and its based on the health of the NPC, not the hit itself.

So shouldn’t we be able to gather 100 mobs and bait Horde into AOEing them while Counterstrike Totem is active?

Sadly, it seems like Counterstrike Totem is capped on the amount of hits it can redirect at once, or maybe it is just a cap of how much damage it can redirect while you are pvp tagged.

No matter which, it didn’t work!

I tried to gather some Demolishers in Barrens, but those wouldn’t follow me through the zones. So they quickly reset when I entered Durotar.

My last plan was to try the Battlemaster with 80k health, to see if it was even possible to redirect that damage onto someone, and it actually worked!

So that means the totem strat should be possible… but sadly we can’t get the Battlemaster into Durotar.

The damage scaling aura is also inactive while the Battlemaster is under mind control, so mind controlling him wouldn’t work for the combo.

I finally took one tour around Durotar, to hopefully find a high HP neutral mob similar to the Battlemaster. That was when I found Vanira.

She seems to be the only NPC in all of Durotar, that is at 80k health and still low level, so damage scaling works against her.

Thankfully, she can also be kited, as well as not having any leash at all, meaning she is easily kited across all of Durotar.

While we can’t mind control her to make Horde blow themselves up, we can mind control THEM to make… Horde blow themselves up.

All we needed was 3 people, a priest to mind control, a shaman to counterstrike, and a third person to kite Vanira.

The reason we needed a third, is because the Priest and the Shaman has to duel each other, in order for Counterstrike to be hostile to the horde player being mind controlled by the priest

And you can’t start a duel while in combat, so the Priest and the Shaman are unable to kite.

The result of this combo is really hilarious, all you need to do is to bait the enemy trinket or just assume they won’t trinket a random Mind Control (who expects to be one shot like that?)

BIG thanks to Eloriu / Ipanic / Kaarani for helping me perform the combo!

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