Rextroy One-Shots: Warlock Legendary Has Seemingly Infinite Scaling

Rextroy One-Shots: Warlock Legendary Has Seemingly Infinite Scaling

Today, we are going to discuss and showcase a broken legendary for Warlock, that will allow you to one shot raid bosses… if you can power it enough!

There is a Warlock legendary that’s called Contained Perpetual Explosion. This will increase the damage of your Impending Catastrophe for each enemy you hit with it… and it seems to not have any cap at all!

I had originally hoped to showcase this by one-shotting a raid boss, since there is a location in the new raid that keeps spawning ghosts.
The only thing that could stop the one-shot would be if they were to stop spawning, or if the damage of Impending Catastrophe was capped.

Sadly it seems like the ghost spawns ARE capped, they stopped spawning after 15 minutes, and new ones only started to spawn when old ones were killed off. The plan was to stack them for 2.5 hours, which would make Impending Catastrophe do about 8 million in damage over its duration.

Anyway since that didn’t work out, I decided to go and destroy Horde players instead!

These days Durotar is a bit less populated… but its still got some people to one shot!

To prepare, I gathered around 100 NPCs in Durotar (Boars, Scorpids, Quilboars, Orcs) since I needed all of them to boost the damage of Impending Catastrophe.

The damage usually ended up being 18k, every 1.5 seconds. I tried to use Rapid Contagion but it seems to be bugged, and not increase the dot rate of Impending Catastrophe, even if spell details says it should

So instead, I went for Deathbolt, which does about 150-200k damage if you use it right after the Catastrophe!

One issue with the whole combo, is that you have to sneak close to the enemy (40 yards) with about 100 adds behind you… Which is hard.

Since the projectile from Impending Catastrophe only deals damage once it reaches the target, and it moves really slowly. You can actually stack up the one shot on an ally, and have them lead the bomb into the Horde!

I tried it with Ipanic and Vendeia, and it worked quite well! Only some issues with our Warlock having to stay close to the “bombed” target, since if the lock is too far away, the catastrophe does nothing.

Lastly I gathered 10 people in Blade’s Edge Arena, to showcase how much potential damage it can do on stacked targets (since finding more than 5 stacked people in Durotar these days isn’t easy)

I hope you all enjoyed!

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