Rextroy Stacks +2000% Damage to Turn Bladestorm into Deathstorm

Rextroy Stacks +2000% Damage to Turn Bladestorm into Deathstorm

Like many of his techniques, the setup is rather specific and difficult to pull off on the fly, but capable of doing ungodly damage once it all comes together. This particular video revolves around stacking damage modifiers from various sources including alchemy, trinkets, racial bonus, essences, corruptions, and azerite traits, along with the Fury Warriors own built in bonuses, though it does come with a downside – the timing is very exact, requiring a good deal of setup to get the necessary procs, with only a scant 2.5 second window with which to actually dish out maximum damage. The results are quite impressive though, as Rextroy uses the combination to wipe out entire groups of enemies instantly… quite the surprise for groups of unsuspecting enemy players idling in capital cities or outside raid instances.

This combo requires a lot of different damage modifiers, we are going to make Bladestorm do about 2000% more damage than its standard value (for me it does 52k baseline)

First, we are going to get A LOT of strength procs, we get the following:
Greater Flask of the Undertow / Superior Battle Potion of Strength
Corrupted Gladiator’s Badge (PvP Trinket)
Fireblood (Racial)
Symbiotic Presence (Essence)
Reality Shift (Essence)
Gathering Storm (Trait)
All of these, gave me about a 8k strenght Increase.

The Corruption we are going with, is Void Ritual. But I am only able to use 4 of them, since anymore would proc Inescapable Consequences and kill me during Bladestorm.

Void Ritual, is perfect for Fury Bladestorm. Since the haste lowers its already short duration to below 2 seconds. Meaning that all of Bladestorms damage will be dealt really quickly. Especially with drums.

The Mastery for fury makes your Enrage increase your damage even more, and it scales quickly. Maximum stack of Void Ritual for me granted me 152% damage boost during Enrage.

Versatility is also a part of Void Ritual, boosting all our damage aswell as survival during the combo. My Versa ended at 80% with fully stacked void

Lastly, we get crit. Which is perfect since it will make us reach Crit Cap!

Since we got crit cap, we are going with Blood of the Enemy major, to increase our damage by an additional 25%, aswell as doing a good amount of start damage.

Talents we going with, will be Death Wish (50% more damage) aswell as Frothing Berserker (10% dmg, 5% haste) Reckless Abandon (Recklessness gives you full rage bar) aswell as Enduring Rage to make Enrage last longer.

The last damage bonus we going for, is PvP Scaling.
Since Void Ritual grants us secondary stats, and all our items gives us lots of Primary Stats, the % of damage gained from having good gear will be worth less than the bonus from PvP Scaling.

I decided to stay around 450 ilvl in PvP, which made me get a 25% dmg boost against a friend at 470 pvp ilvl

The duration on Enrage is one of the biggest issues while using this combo. We have to do our Attacking on an NPC (for example, gently squeezed toad as Alliance Gently Squeezed Toad…) or any training dummy / world mob as Horde.
This will proc our enrage but only for 5 seconds. The combo of Blood of the enemy and bladestorm will take around 2.5 seconds. This leaves you with another 2.5 seconds to reach the enemy you wanna Bladestorm before your Enrage expires.

The whole combo is the following:
Stack up Death Wish. Then you enter combat with an NPC and start spamming Whirlwind to proc Void Ritual. An eye proc might kill you so be ready with your legendary cloak.

After you gotten a proc, refresh Death Wish and wait until Void Ritual reaches around 12 stacks. Then you use all of your CDs and items. Rampage on any NPC to proc enrage.

Then you leap or charge into combat, blood of the enemy and bladestorm!

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