Rextroy Testing: Using a Legendary to Out Heal Healers on an Unholy Death Knight

Rextroy Testing: Using a Legendary to Out Heal Healers on an Unholy Death Knight

Today, we are going to test a Blood Legendary for Unholy, that makes our Death Strike refund about 20% of Runic Power spent, which, along with other Soulbinds and Covenant benefits makes us almost immortal in 1v1!

The legendary is called Bryndaor’s Might.

It is meant for Blood DKs but Unholy and Frost are able to use it too. In PvP, they will be even better with it because the refunded Runic Power is ALWAYS 15% of 45 (the basic cost of Death Strike), which is about 6.7-6.8.

Unholy and Frost have a passive effect which reduces the cost of their Death Strike down to 35 runic power. But it will still refund 6.7. Which is almost 20% of the cost of a Death Strike.

We pair this insane trick, with the Rune of Hysteria Runeforge. The uptime on its increased Runic Power gain is around 50% thanks to my haste. This bonus will increase all Runic Power gain, even on the legendary Bryndaor’s Might, as well as my Covenant ability, Swarming Mist.

The 20 passive Runic Power increase also makes us able to use 4 Death Strikes in a row once we cap our Runic Power, making us able to survive all kind of burst damage!

The Swarming Mist is an amazing Covenant ability for Runic Power gain, especially when we have pets on us or are fighting many enemies. With 5 enemies nearby we can pretty much spam Death Strike as long as Swarming Mist is active.

The other major Covenant benefit is from General Draven, the Service In Stone, a passive 10% damage reduction under 40% health. This damage reduction is actually an absorb, so it seems to be boosting our Death Strike healing from damage taken during the last 5 seconds.

Necromancer’s Bargain and Pestilent Pustules, as well as Apocalypse passively refunding 2 Runes makes us always have Runic Power or Runes to spend every global, especially with Bryndaor’s Might equipped.

There are other things I wanted to add to the survival build, such as the Shard of Kyr, but I haven’t bothered to do the raid on my Death Knight yet!

I originally wanted to showcase this build earlier in 9.1 when it was first doable, but decided to max out my Conduits and gear my character first, which I didn’t bother to do until 9.1.5 with the quality of life changes that were added!

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