Rextroy's Tricks: How to Explore Beyond the Fatigue Barrier

Rextroy's Tricks: How to Explore Beyond the Fatigue Barrier

Today, I will share with you a neat and really simple trick, to be able to explore all the oceans in WoW!

Wow tools is useful for seeing 3d versions of different WoW maps.

The trick to being able to explore all of fatigue is really simple: all you need is to buy the food item Seraph Tenders. This food item will make you heal about 1k every 5 second, while outside combat.

Also make sure you don’t accidentally buy Deep Fried Seraph Tenders since they won’t work outside Shadowlands.

Since fatigue damage is a set % of your health, all we need to do now is to reduce our health down to about 2k, to make the food buff able to out-heal fatigue single-handedly!

The way we are going to lower our health, is by simply removing all our gear and getting rez sickness. This puts me at 2.2k, which is close enough!

This gives me 10 minutes to freely explore fatigue, and since we aren’t doing any rotation we can actually stay mounted and still survive!

I did come across some neat locations in the video when exploring Zandalar! Who knows what other secrets there are out there in other parts of the ocean?

Time for you all to explore!!!

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