Running of the Trolls Charity Event to Benefit the Trevor Project on June 18th

Running of the Trolls Charity Event to Benefit the Trevor Project on June 18th


June 18th, 2022 on Feathermoon-US .

The run leaves the starting zone at 6pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time/1 am GMT.

We strongly suggest showing up earlier as there’s always a bit of a beach party going on for guild invites. There will be people gathering that evening/early afternoon. We will provide notice of when we are online on social media/discord.


The Running of the Trolls is held exclusively on Feathermoon-US in the Troll Starting Zone, right where you log in on a fresh troll.

We’ll be swimming, running, and taking a zepplin on the way to Silvermoon!

Where can I donate?

How to join in:

Simply log in on June 18th before run start time and join us! You can just roll a level 1 Troll (Or a Zandalari if you prefer!), and we’ll have invites to our 3 guilds, no need to do anything else!

We’ll be swimming, running, and taking a zeppelin on the way to Silvermoon!

Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate Cross Realm invites for anyone at all. Cross Realm people are unable to join our guilds and some of the chat channels and don’t have the time to coordinate it for everyone wanting to bring their own characters via anchoring them to the realm by players on Feathermoon. Also we worry that the lower level players could wind up phased into the wrong realm and not have as much fun.

It’s really best to roll a new character on Feathermoon or it’s sister realm Scarlet Crusade and you don’t have to stress about missing out being able to say hello to everyone!

What hair color should I pick?

Unlike our Gnome runs, we feel that you should have a say in what hair color you decide to give to your Troll.

Please pick whatever color makes you most happy! Pick something from the pride flag that means something to you, pick a color you love. Pick a color that makes your Troll look great. In the end, we’ll wind up with a rainbow!

About Race Guilds:

Race Guilds are our substitute for Raids since low levels can’t form raid groups, also forming 100s of players into raid groups is a headache no one on earth wants and someone is pretty likely to get left out.

They exist year round but are mostly unmanned, you’re welcome to stay or come back each year.

We ask that even while it’s hectic, or there’s multiple guilds, that you try to join guilds that we’ve confirmed for a few reasons. Some people donate based upon how many people show up and it’s easier to guesstimate a number by looking at numbers online. Also, in the past sometimes people have tried to share fake donation links or fake information.

Please understand that there’s only a few of us, and a lot of you! So if we aren’t inviting for a certain guild at that moment, please don’t get your heart set on a certain name, or ask us to move you all around.

If you whisper one of us spamming chat with instructions the word “INVITE” it will auto trigger our addon to get you a guild invite unless you have a trial account.

Guild Names:

Running of the Trolls
Troll for Initiative
Trollkyo Drift

If we add additional guild names, we will update on all platforms


Since we’re making a rainbow with our hair, the tabards are as close to the Trans Pride flags as we can get, and we’ve had them that way since creation of the event in honor of Leelah Alcorn.

As a reminder because of changes to how tabards work in Retail from Legion’s pre-patch going forward, we can’t trade you a tabard because they’re now Bind on Pickup, but you can mail yourself a tabard from the guild vendor from your main and have one! There’s a mailbox right in the starting area that’s super easy to get to.





We will have a set of cute Troll Merch for 2022 coming soon! Keep your eyes open!

Where are you running?

From the spot where you log in as a freshly spawned troll to the zeppelins. From there we’ll take the zeppelin to Tirisfal and run through the Plaguelands to take the Ghostlands portal until we get to Silvermoon City!

Toys, mounts and other items?

We try to say limit some of the more spammy items like the ones that change the surface area all fel and so on, but we think it’s really fun to use the rainbow and disco toys and so on.

If you are with the pack it’s more fun to run on foot but it’s totally understandable to want to use a mount to check for stragglers or to catch up.

Use your best judgement, keep the environment fun for everyone. But please everyone’s idea of fun is different and be kind to others.

After Party?

It is more challenging than the Gnome Run but some people like to go kiss as many Alliance Leaders as possible between Silvermoon and the Stormwind Throne

Classic Version?

I currently don’t have any plans to host this. Will update if there is one in the future.

Streams/Video/Other Content

Please share the run with your audience in whatever way you’d like! We love sharing your stuff!

We just have to ask: if you want to stream or make a video, we just ask that you share a link to the fundraising page, and make clear where personal/fundraiser donations are going and that you behave with respect to participants in the same way that you would while attending.

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