Running of the Trolls Charity Event Today – Donations for The Trevor Project

Running of the Trolls Charity Event Today - Donations for The Trevor Project

The Running of the Trolls returning for the 6th year on June 27th, on Feathermoon-US! The Run leaves at 6pm PST/9pm EST/1 am GMT, so please arrive early so you can party with us in the Original Troll starting zone!

The event starts in the Troll starting zone and ends in Silvermoon, taking the long route through the Plaguelands. The after-parties spread cheer with all of the Alliance leaders in the Eastern Kingdoms.

This piece of art is this year’s Tshirt/Merch design that will fully benefit the charity. it was created by Egg Dishes! You can view it here!

You can find a bunch of FAQs and info about how to the event here and a link including a link to donate, and a link to the Teespring Shop.

Here’s a separate link to the donation site too!

And our discord that we use for both the Gnome and Troll Runs

We’ll be in the starting zone off and on all day tomorrow leading up to the event passing out guild invites, and I’ll leave an update comment if I’m doing any invites tonight 🙂 Both types of Trolls including Zandalari are welcome, you must roll on Feathermoon to participate as noted in the Info Post

Because people always ask: yes is the sister event to the Gnomes one in fall, and a younger event, but this one is close to many people’s hearts because this is also a yearly Pride event/parade in a digital space that benefits The Trevor Project. Not everyone can make it to Pride every year for various reasons, or their friends are far away, so it’s always nice to get together and celebrate this way.

The Trevor Project benefits Youth and Young Adults who are all under vastly large queer umbrella providing, but not limited to: resources to help those wanting to understand more about themselves or their loved ones, three different forms of Suicide Hotlines Text, Chat, Phone, suicide prevention through education of those who work with children and parents such as workshops meant for educators, and so much more.

The Trevor Project also does very visual outreach which is most often seen to some of you, but the preventative measures that can help keep our youngest members of the WoW community and just here with us makes this the most worthy cause in our eyes. We’ve managed to raise over 10,000 for The Trevor Project over the last 5 years and this year we already have raised $2,000 (which was our goal amount!!) just in the first two weeks thanks to the glorious efforts of Perky Pugs starting early. I’m so excited to see the final totals!

I wanted to make the event easier to understand and attend for people through a simple and quick to read bit of panels in the info/FAQs. If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know! <3

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