Sanctum of Domination Raid Environment Preview

Sanctum of Domination Raid Environment Preview

Sanctum of Domination Encounter Journal

The aesthetics of the zone are similar to what we’ve already seen in Torghast, with many spikes and architectural details reminiscent of Icecrown Citadel.

There is also an interesting set of models depicting the top of Torghast and the Arbiter’s Chambers, which likely serve as start and end locations for the Sylvanas encounter:

Top of Torghast

Comparison of datamined chamber to the Arbiter’s Chamber in The Looming Dark

  • Stage One: A Cycle of Hatred: “We have forgotten what makes us strong.” Players battle against Sylvanas atop Torghast while the Jailer remains elusive.
  • Intermission: A Monument to our Suffering: “You are unfit to wear this crown.” Upon reaching 80% health, Sylvanas chains all players with , then casts , destroying the tower itself.
  • Stage Two: The Banshee Queen: “What are we if not slaves to this torment?” Sylvanas enters , taking to the skies to waylay players’ persuit of the Jailer as he ascends. Thrall and Jaina lend their aid by casting and , respectively, but must be kept free from interruptions while doing so.
  • Stage Three: The Freedom of Choice: “Nothing can stop what is to come.” Sylvanas follows the players’ traversal, greeting them for the final showdown between Death and inevitability in the Jailer’s master plan.

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