Scarlet Monastery Transmog Farming – 72000 Gold Every 30 Min


Today we’re looking at how to farm Scarlet Monestary and why you should. This dungeon is dope. Sooo much good transmog here, and it’s a great place to start as a new gold maker. Just like Uldaman, you’ll get consistent high value items, and a small chance at super expensive rare stuff, but unlike Uldaman, Scarlet Monestary doesn’t take forever to run and isn’t as confusing as quantum physics. Enjoy! GL&HGM!
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  1. If anyone is looking back for any farms they've forgotten you can no longer use the portals in NewDal, I completely forgot, so instead I dreamwalk, take the hinterlands portal and fly over, that's the fastest I've found. Let me know if you know a faster route for alliance.

  2. Is dreamwalk broken for this instance? I dreamwalk and then dreamwalk back, and it ports me into some kind of Death Knight scarlet monastery with 110 mobs and I have no idea how to get out or where I actually am. I don't appear on the map, and it seems to port me back there every single time whether I reset the instance or not.

  3. Great video, i decided to try this out last night and after a little over an hour i farmed up about 225k worth of gear drops, with one of those being worth 164K. No if and when they will all sell is another question hahaaha (high pop server). One thing id like to suggest, you mention the speed increase food, but another great item for this is Boots of The gilded Path. When you loot money you get a short 30% speed increase, great for going from one pack to another and clearing the instance quicker. Great vid man 😁👍

  4. I hate these videos they are always so misleading. You have to sell the items to make that money. These youtubers are never honest about that part. Hey reckless how about what you really made? An honest video would be nice. You never tall anyone how long it takes to sell these items you could be posting for months. How about realtime gold instead of your overoptimistic view 😛


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