Secret Dire Maul WoW Gold Farm


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Macro 1 Capital Gardens

/tar Illyanna Ravenoak

/tar Immol’thar

Macro 2 Warpwood quarter

/tar Pusillin

/tar Old Ironbark

Macro 3

/tar lethtendris

/tar alzzin the wildshaper

Macro 4

/tar guard fengus

/tar guard slip’kik

/tar king gordok

Angelic Feather macro:

/cast [@player] Angelic Feather


  1. Well thank you for sharing this tip 🙂 I went on my priest, I went straight to the dungeon, I used your macros and spells as explained, they worked perfectly well, I found the book in the location of guard Fengus, delete mind vision, went there, took the book… Now I will see if it's worth it 🙂

  2. Great video! Will have to try this after work. that bit near the end of the video where the toon was sucked back into the air has happened to my hunter more then then once! Its like the game decided, Nope, you are not ready! lol

  3. It's worth noting. do this from the right side Capitol Gardens instance portal. Unless you are standing next to the Highborn at the entrance to the instance, you will be too far away for 2 of the macros to work due to targeting range limitations.

  4. I tried this. The priest needs to be at least lvl 31 to enter the dungeon. The macros worked as intended. I created the Group thing with two chars from the same account. But when I get to where the book is with the high lvl guy, it's not there, and when I get back to the priest, the book is on another location. Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong?

  5. ive known about this for literal years. you can use a demon hunter to fel rush over the gap right near the entrance of the dungeon, to that possible spawn near the entrance over the gap where the pedal flower mobs are. for every 10 resets per hour, you usually get at least 1 or sometimes 2-3 every hour. and it takes like 5 minutes to do.
    this is nothing special. for someone calling themselves Warcraft hacks, this has been known about for years since the Ret Artifact appearance was a thing.
    in fact, you are using an inferior method of doing this, which is laughable to me.


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