Secret Sunwell Plateau Wow Gold Farm


This video is about the secret gold farming method to endless farm mobs near the sunwell plateau entrance, regardless of instance lockout.

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  1. Hi mate, I just wanted to show you a item that can be useful and you probably missed when it comes to combat resets.

    There is a rare in Draenor who drops a ring named "Precious Bloodthorn Loop"; this acts like a vanish, with 5min CD. Didn't test it yet because I play hunter and nightelf characters, but it could help to some of those who don't have a way to reset combat!

    It can be used in the DM farm aswel, or thats what at least I expect :).

    Keep farming!

    PS: They fixed Lor'themar gold farm in Thunder island lately, I was doing 50k/hour by doing nothing, rip xD

  2. DH can wall jump up the statue near the commander u showed near the end of the video. If you stand on the statue they'll continue to swing inside the statue, but if you jump on the wall it'll reset after 20 seconds. I don't think it's possible to reset any faster. There is a jump that normal classes can do (in a different spot), but its much more work and even less time efficient.
    The trash still paths even when they can't hit the target, so if you can't hard reset the mob it'll always take 20+ seconds to reset I think.

    there is alot of people that use a strange water cannon barrage spam in any area they want if ask the exploiter they told me that is the shad pan geyser gun but is not that i think is a quest item never complete and held in bag for a infinite use.
    this item is clickable multiple time in 1 sec so the result is a drop of fps of the bastard that use it respond and help me thx 🙂

  4. always do prices manually fuck auctioneer might get some wrong data in the loop to abse its pricing off and fuck you over. manuallyt undercutting the competition by a smaller margin is better

  5. Sadly the game have lost it's charm. Lich King is a long time ago and I haven't played a single expansion that grabbed me as much as that did, so I do what many players do, ended my subscription a good while ago and just watch the occasional wow video these days. Actually Archvaldor is the only wow youtuber I watch for some reason.

  6. Onyxia's lair is a good one. When the boss flys in the air don't kill it and there are skinable mobs that respawn. Loads of rugged leather and rugged hide (for some reason borean leather doesn't drop) Each mob gives roughly 8-12 leather per skin

  7. The gems used to be 5g a pop to vendors, but yknow, blizzard are stingey cucks and made it 20s per gem now. That's why I don't farm BC raids, 0 incentive.

  8. Reminds me what I used to do, but in Karazhan. Pull all the trash before dining room boss, reset. Just vendoring the trash was very profitable back then.


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