Secret TBC Wow Gold Farms


Some secret ways to farm world bosses Doomwalker and Lord Kazzak and nearby tbc gold farms very fast and efficiently, optimized for patch 8.1.5. for items such as the exodar life-staff, excellent transmog which sells for up to 100K gold. – Patreons get all my tricks, including the ones too naughty for youtube as soon as I find them. Twitter, the only place where you can get notifications about my videos and also some hints about confidential exploit stuff.


  1. Thanks for making this farm useless! Hope Ender dropped from 200k to 60k on Kazzak in two days. Gold farming is literally the only fun thing left to do and there is always some youtube videos who ruin the fun because of views 🙁

  2. Smart portal hopping and farming tips! To get to Doomwalker instantly you can also use the Critter Hand Cannon (highmountain quest reward) + Fractured Necrolyte Skull (TBC time walking vendor). I like to do this as part of my routine right before logging out because once I log back in my hearthstone will be off CD!

  3. There's quite a lot less competition on all the removed portals in general, it's kind of hilarious. The pirate farm in Tanaris I've personally (might not be true for everyone!) seen a lot less people around. Even the Fishing tournament in STV on sundays had a ton less competition. People are like.. "fly for 2 minutes? fuck that" apparently. I'm loving it.

  4. I feel bad for anyone that has actually paid 80k for the Exodar Life-Staff when it shares a model with the Staff of the Redeemer that you can get in a Shadowmoon Valley quest chain… for free. My druid friend almost bought one from Trade chat during Legion. The seller was asking for 120k. He linked me the Exodar Life-Staff in party chat to ask if I thought its appearance was worth it. I checked it with my Mog-It and my transmog collections interface and told him absolutely not, and linked Staff of the Redeemer and said, "Same thing, from a quest, for free." He immediately lost interest in the item. He had only wanted to buy it because he thought it was rare.
    This is why speed-leveling your first character through dungeons is bad for you in the long run. You miss out on some mogs, and wind up spending lots of gold on things you could have acquired through questing, because some charlatan in Trade chat convinces you it's a rare appearance.
    But hey! In other, more positive news, this video and the quicker spawn timers will mean that the supply of TBC world boss items on the AH will go up. Which in turn means their prices will go down. Because that's how economy works. So if this video helps poor little noobs get mog for cheaper, I guess I can't complain. Thanks for the vid, Arch.


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