Senior Game Designer Johnny Cash Leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Senior Game Designer Johnny Cash Leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Cash joined Blizzard as an intern in 2010 during Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria development, where he worked on Pet Battle systems before being hired on as an associate game designer in 2013. From there, he played an integral role in developing many memorable expansion features including Garrisons, Class Halls, and Artifacts, as well as the Corrupted Ashbringer questline and the return of the beloved hunter pet Hati in Battle for Azeroth. After leading development on Talador, Argus, and Stormsong Valley content, Cash was promoted to lead the quest design team, providing direction for the team and representing World of Warcraft in various media interviews. Cash was also known as a staunch supporter of inclusivity within World of Warcraft, as both a member and events chair for the LGBTQ+ Advisory Council.

Although he has not announced any new projects or where life will take him next, we greatly appreciate everything he’s done for the game, and wish him well on his next adventure!

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