Shadowlands Alpha/Beta/Pre-Patch & RELEASE DATE Predictions!


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  1. First of all congratulate you on the channel, I wanted to ask you if you would know what is the link of a website where it is seen in expansion is using blizzard in its games? there said the server and the patch or expansion in use but I don't remember which one it was, thanks

  2. Disgusting. Content of bfa keeps you busy for a month if you are not going mythic. There is already nothing to do for a full year and they are gonna rip you off another year. 2 years of boringness for 300 $. worse than EA

  3. Shadowlands, bringing back long lost skills ehh? So first the make us pay them for taking all that good stuff away from us, then a few years later, they say…awww ok, you can have them back…as long as you pay us again….

  4. I think you're spot on for the 8.3 release date of Jan 14th. As far as Shadowlands, I'm going with WotLK dates, so Oct 13th for the pre-patch and Nov 17th for release.

  5. Legion and Battle for Azeroth have been released at august also so i do not see why Shadowlands wouldn't come out at it too.

  6. I would like it was the case but I think it will be later. And it may be better that way. I'd rather wait 60 more days then have another buggy start of an expansion. Let them polish it. I think Blizzard figured out they made mistake with BfA giving us no later then certain date thing. Sure, they say next year but dime is more flexible this time around. They had to give us unfinished BfA because of date.

  7. i was thinking more or less same times, but only difference they said they want full stuff back from vacanties so my times are your predictions + 1 week mostly 🙂 i do belive shadowland will be released in September

  8. I think Jan 14th is about right. If they push 8.3 now that just leaves us in a content drought. Which is going to be rough on the game as is. Alpha will go out probably end of February to March as soon as most of the serious mythic progression guilds clear Nyalotha. With that Beta will be around June perhaps a little earlier or later depending on how testing is going. The Dec 31 pre order deadline gives them some breathing room to respond to the feedback about Shadowlands as well. Remember they ran out of time d/t the pre order promise and some classes had to wait until 8.1 until they were "fixed." That taken into account I think September is probably the goal, but if something turns sour during testing they can push things back without raising a stir. Pre patch will be a month before Shadowlands launch. Depends on feedback really. If good sometime before Blizzcon. Worst case post Blizzcon.

    They could divorce the level squish from Shadowlands to give people a chance to level alts if things get bad as part of a 8.3.5 patch.

  9. I still feel like I am living in an alternate reality right now, and the correct timeline is we all got killed by Nzoth and 9.0 is Rise of the Black Empire.

  10. mmm the last two expansions were in august .. but i dont think this will be… i think an early november release. .. why?/ because wrath of the lich king was released on 13 november and this has the same theme on it…

  11. They'll be less inclined to rush to keep our subs this year because we have staggered phase releases in Classic to keep hype up for WoW. They definitely do not want another buggy shitshow. At all. I'm guessing prepatch around October, a first week of December release, first raid early January. Hope you like 8.3. 🙂


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