Shadowlands Alpha – Revendreth Storyline Summary and Playthrough

Shadowlands Alpha - Revendreth Storyline Summary and Playthrough

Revendreth is the fourth and final zone that players will level in Shadowlands, lasting from level 57 all the way to 60. In this post, we have a plot summary for the Revendreth storyline, as well as a full rundown of the quests you need to do to complete the leveling storyline in the zone!


Summary of Each Chapter

The Revendreth leveling storyline is divided by seven chapters on the achievement The Master of Revendreth. Below, we have a quick lore summary for each chapter:

  • Welcome to Revendreth: We first arrive in Revendreth and learn more about the rituals of redemption that happen in the zone, and meet up with one of the advisors to the Master of Revendreth, Lord Chamberlain.
  • Meet the Master: After learning of an ongoing rebellion in Revendreth, we meet the Master of Revendreth, Sire Denathrius, who promises to help us with our requests for anima in exchange for help with crushing the rebellion going through the domain.
    At the end of this chapter, you will learn your Venthyr Covenant ability.

The Accuser’s Secret: We help Lord Chamberlain imprison the Accuser, one of Sire Denathrius’ former advisors and a holder of one of his medallions, powerful relics that grant control over a portion of Revendreth. We learn from The Accuser that Denathrius is not what he seems, but we still witness the Accuser being sentenced by Denathrius.
The Rebellion: We learn one of the rituals of the Venthyr, using hunting methods to retrieve anima from fearful souls. The Accuser shows us the truth about Sire Denathrius: The Master of Revendreth is purposefully causing the anima drought in Revendreth by siphoning it straight to the Maw. We join the rebellion and dispatch The Fearstalker, one of Denathrius’ current advisors.

  • During this chapter, you will learn the zone ability Door of Shadows, which teleports us from one point to another.

Securing Sinfall: We rescue one of the rebellion’s main forces, Duke Theotar, from the Ember Ward – A desolate zone where traitorous Venthyr are relentlessly assaulted by constant sunlight. Thanks to the Light doing nothing to us, we are able to secure Sinfall, one of the bastions of Revendreth and where the rebellion leader, Prince Renathal, was last seen.
The Prince and the Tower: We learn that Prince Renathal was sent to The Maw – More specifically, Torghast, Tower of the Damned, where the Jailer keeps his most precious souls. We venture through The Maw and find Prince Renathal, and manage to escape The Maw once more.
Menagerie of the Master: With Prince Renathal back in Revendreth, we prepare to assault Sire Denathrius in his fortress, Castle Nathria.

Most of the last chapter, Menagerie of the Master, is currently not testable on the Shadowlands Alpha – We instead receive a message from the developers that the scenario is currently not ready for testing. Kael’thas Sunstrider, a prominent soul that was announced to be in Revendreth during Blizzcon 2019, is not seen anywhere in the questline, but is featured as a raid encounter in Castle Nathria, the first raid in Shadowlands.

Welcome to Revendreth

The Road to Redemption

We start our adventure in Revendreth with the quest A Plea to Revendreth, where we learn that Revendreth is the most efficient zone when it comes to Anima harvesting, and they can probably help with the anima drought. We also learn that souls that go to Revendreth never return in the same way they are sent there, as Revendreth is a place of penance, where the Arbiter sends those who committed great crimes in life, but they see a chance in redemption for them.

Unlike the Kyrian of Bastion, we’re immediately recognized by the denizens of Revendreth as not being truly dead, although they also mention that Revendreth has also not seen souls in a while.

Rendle: Is… that a new soul? I ain’t seen one of them in a while.
Cudgelface: This one looks funny.
Rendle: That’s cause they is still alive I think. Don’t be insensitive.
Rendle: Welcome, damned soul, to Revendreth, your last hope of redemption. Right this way and we’ll get you sorted.

In The Sinstone, we then take a tour around Pridefall Hamlet, where we learn about the purpose of Revendreth – However, our tour is cut short. In this tour, we learn about Revendreth, sinstones (stone cuts with all our burdens in life), the Master of Revendreth and what happens to souls that are not willing to cooperate with Revendreth’s methods.

Rendle: As a newly arrived soul, you should know this is a place of torment and of penance.
Rendle: Not to fear though, as you see by these many sinstones, the road to redemption is possible.
Rendle: Each of these sinstones represents a soul who has come to this place and cleansed themselves of their sins, eventually moving on from this place or accepting the role of a Venthyr.
Rendle: Final judgment comes from the Master. It is he who commands this place. It is he who embraces souls to become Venthyr, the tormentors and eaters of sin.
Rendle: There are always those few who are unwilling to work for redemption.
Cudgelface: Or don’t agree with their sinstone.
Rendle: Or are simply a bunch of bad apples.
Cudgelface: Thems get the boot. Down to the Maw and never to come back. Take this poor soul for example. He’s on his final warning.
Cudgelface: Won’t even admit he did somethin’ wrong. Still thinks he’s someone important.
Rendle: Quick, make yaself presentable. Lord Chamberlain is here.

Lord Chamberlain

Lord Chamberlain, one of the advisors to the Master, tells us that in Invitation of the Master that the Master has personally asked him to escort us to his personal chambers, an honor never granted to a mortal soul before. As we’re making our way in the chariot ride, we’re attacked by a commotion and dropped down to the Endmire, a place of punishment to souls.

While in the Endmire, we help locate Chamberlain in Bottom Feeders and get acquantained with a Venthyr in The Greatest Duelist.

After everyone is saved and the chariot is repaired, we continue our journey to Sire Denathrius’ court in On The Road Again. This time, we learn about a rebellion being led by some unloyal venthyr, one of the leaders being one General Draven. Being afraid of being thrown off a cliff again, Chamberlain has us gather materials and kill creatures in Rebels on the Road and Anima Attrition. After this, we protect Chamberlain through rebel minions in To Darkhaven, and arrive near Denathrius’ court.

Meet The Master

Darkhaven’s Concerns

Arriving in Darkhaven, we’re first tasked to use the anima caster previously gathered to us to awaken the Stoneborn, stone gargoyles that serve as protectors of Revendreth in The Stoneborn.

Talking to Mistress Mihaela, the quartermaster of Darkhaven, we learn that Darkhaven is very short staffed and with not a lot of anima, and further overworking the venthyr there may pose a risk to new souls being brought to Revendreth. We bring these concerns to Chamberlain in A Plea to the Harvesters. Chamberlain simply brushes the concerns aside, saying that those loyal to Revendreth would know that sacrifices are necessary.

Meeting Sire Denathrius

We’re finally brought to Denathrius’s Grand Palisade to meet him in The Master Awaits. Chamberlain personally presents us to Sire Denathrius in x, who is impressed at our ability to escape the Maw. Denathrius regrettably denies our pleas for more anima for the Shadowlands, due to Revendreth being amidst dealing with a rebellion, telling us that the only way to get the anima is to stop the rebellion.

Sire Denathrius: My children, I know the suffering you have endured.
Sire Denathrius: I fear further sacrifices must be made if Revendreth is to survive this crisis.
Lord Chamberlain: Begging my Master’s pardon.
Lord Chamberlain: I humbly present… the Maw Walker.
Sire Denathrius: Ah! The mortal who escaped the inescapable prison. A living soul restoring hope to the realms eternal.
Sire Denathrius: Maw Walker, I am aware of your urgent request for anima. Under normal circumstances, I would of course oblige.
Sire Denathrius: Sadly, you arrive in the midst of a violent rebellion. Our resources are stretched perilously thin.
Sire Denathrius: This drought has left my people desperate…
Sire Denathrius: … starving…
Sire Denathrius: … and some, even defiant.
Sire Denathrius: But if you were to aid our cause, then I could gratefully provide the aid you seek.

In The Authority of Revendreth, we meet with Denathrius’ advisors, and after that, we talk to him and receive your Venthyr Covenant power.

The Accuser’s Secret

Hatching a Plan

Sire Denathrius then puts Lord Chamberlain in charge of finishing the rebellion, and first sends him against one of his advisors, The Accuser, as well as our might. We start approaching the Halls of Atonement, where the Accusar makes home, in I Don’t Get My Hands Dirty.

Sire Denathrius: Lord Chamberlain, I hereby charge you with bringing an end to this failed rebellion.
Sire Denathrius: For this task, I lend you Prince Renathal’s medallion… as well as the might of our dear friend, the Maw Walker.
Sire Denathrius: Bring the Accuser to me and her medallion shall be yours. The prince’s is already promised to another faithful ally.
Lord Chamberlain: Your generosity is as vast as your wisdom, Master. Your will be done!

Lord Chamberlain: By decree of the Master, the Accuser is to be imprisoned and I shall assume control of the Halls of Atonement.
Lord Chamberlain: All who resist the Master’s decree will be executed.
The Accuser: We reject your decree, your false claim to this seat, and the corrupt Master!
Lord Chamberlain: In your defiance, you reveal the vast pride within your, Accuser.
Lord Chamberlain: You are unworthy of your title, your privilege, and your power!
The Accuser: And you are unworthy of existence. Approach my halls and I will prove it!

The plan to get to the Accuser is to use her sinstone against her, and we attempt to retrieve it in The Accuser’s Sinstone, but she knows we would try such a thing, and booby traps it. She tells you to not meddle again, or we would die for good if we do.

Echelon, a high-ranking Stoneborn, then has an idea: Gather the sinstones from the inquisitors guarding The Accuser’s sinstone, and dispatch them before getting to The Accuser. We then proceed to find Inquisitor Stelia’s Sinstone and recruit a new ally in Temel, the Sin Herald – Temel, a stoneborn who excels in shaming others for their sins. Cryptkeeper Kassier, Temel’s current master, surrenders him after a duel, but is the first one to tell us that Sire Denathrius is a liar. After this, we dispatch of the first inquisitor in Herald Their Demise. With this quest, we learn that the Venthyr take on new names once they decide to take on that path, but their sinful name in life still hold power over them.

We then tackle the second inquisitor, Vilhelm, who has taken the smarter route of crushing his sinstone in 3 fragments. We gather all fragments in Inquisitor Vilhelm’s Sinstone and kill the inquisitor in Ending the Inquisitor. Vilhelm was apparently a Sun King in life, who used his divine gifts as a way to mistreat his followers.

Capturing the Accuser

With the Accuser’s sinstone finally unguarded, we can finally capture her – Echelon brings and her sinstone to Lord Chamberlain in Sinstone Delivery, and capture the Accuser after finally breaking her with her sins in The Accuser’s Secret.

Lord Chamberlain: I name the Accuser her true name… HARRIET THE CRIMSON SHADE!
Lord Chamberlain: Who orchestrated the assassinations of countless innocents!
Lord Chamberlain: Whose every profit came from murder!
Lord Chamberlain: Who killed her own…
Lord Chamberlain: … W-Why is nothing happening?
The Accuser: Did you think a Harvester would be so easily broken?
The Accuser: I keep my sinstone on display for all to see. I’m proud of the sins I have overcome in Revendreth!
The Accuser: Your stoneborn cannot hinder me. I am a Harvester!
Lord Chamberlain: My medallion must be able to amplify her sinstone somehow…
The Accuser: So, you know my name? Now know my power!

Lord Chamberlain: My medallion has made manifest your own accuser! Do you recognize her?
The Accuser: Camille…
Lord Chamberlain: The daughter you murdered in the dark of night.
Camille: Momma?
Camille: Momma, why did you kill me?
The Accuser: Oh, my dearest Camille. I didn’t know it was you! They lied to me! They said-
The Accuser: I’m so sorry, my dearest. I never meant to hurt you.
The Accuser: I think of you every–
The Accuser: You dare manifest my own daughter to torment me?! I’ve paid for that sin a hundred times over!
The Accuser: I have… nothing… left…
Lord Chamberlain: And even that I will take from you, traitor!

After this, we are sent once again to Sire Denathrius together with The Accuser in The Accuser’s Fate. The Accuser tells us to deliver her over to Denathrius, but to not trust him, as he is not the Master he once was. After this, we witness The Accuser’s judgment in A Lesson in Humility, who is sentenced to the Ember Ward. The Accuser calls out the Master during this.

Sire Denathrius: Accuser, I gave you a simple task. Instead, you chose rebellion.
The Accuser: You ordered me to defile the ancient rituals that define who we are. I will not do that, not even for you.
Sire Denathrius: A pity. So be it.
Sire Denathrius: Accuser, today you stand accused of defying the will of Revendreth. Take her–
The Accuser: I accuse YOU, Denathrius, of failing in your charge. YOU are the one who defies the will of Revendreth.
Sire Denathrius: Defy Revendreth? I AM Revendreth!
Sire Denathrius glares at the Accuser’s cage with wrathful intent, before calming himself.
Sire Denathrius: Perhaps a few centuries burning in the Ember Ward will remind you of who rules this place.
The Accuser: Even your punishments reveal your complacency. Very well. Hide me with your other failures.
The Accuser: You were once the lord of dread. Now? Now your teeth have lost their terror.
Sire Denathrius: I remember when you first came to us. A soul filled with pride and greed, defiant unto the end. It was fear that ultimately broke you.
The Accuser: I do not fear you now.
Sire Denathrius: We shall see. This is a marvelous opportunity for our quest to witness some of those “ancient rituals”.

The Rebellion

Soul Preparation

We’re first brought to The Grove of Terror where we meet with The Fearstalker, one of Denathrius’ advisors. She will introduces us on how Revendreth gets anima from other souls by the way of the penitent hunt.

We first prepare a defiant soul for the hunt in by grabbing them from their grave, reading their sins and having them go through a recreation of their sins used against them in Dread Priming. In our case, we treat a former king’s soul by having them go through a gauntlet of gargons.

After this, we further instill fear into the soul by using her to kill and drag enemies to us in Alpha Bat and Beast Control.

After this, it is determined that King Adagar’s soul is good for the hunt, and so, we meet with The Fearstaker at the hunting grounds in King of the Hill.

The Penitent Hunt

The Fearstalker then runs us through the hunting ritual in Let the Sin Begin. We first drain anima from the soul, then use it to infuse the gargon that accompanies us, and then start the hunt! We go to the hunt in The Penitent Hunt and help cleanse the hunting grounds out of other creatures in Devour This. The hunted souls have no choice but fall from fear, giving that sweet, sweet anima.

It is now time to finally hunt the big target herself, The Accuser. However, this is a trap set by The Accuser! This is where we learn the Venthyr zone ability, Door of Shadows, which we use to pass through a barrier and talk to The Accuser. After this, The Accuser asks us to see the truth behind Revendreth in A Reflection of Truth. In this event, we learn the truth about Sire Denathrius: He is purposefully starving Revendreth out of anima by feeding it directly to the Maw!

Joining The Rebellion

With this information in hands, we are instructed with meeting The Accuser in Dredhollow. The Fearstalker is already aware of where we went, and swears to kill us. We’re then instructed to kill the Fearstalker’s hopebreakers in Breaking the Hopebreakers, rigging anima containers in They Won’t Know What Hit Them, and recruiting more people folr the rebellion in Rebel Reinforcements.

After this, we drag The Fearstalker right into our trap! A placeholder cutscene happens here, and we meet a weakened Fearstalker, allowing us to kill her and retrieve the Medallion of Dread, one of the medallions granted by Sire Denathrius himself to his advisors.

Securing Sinfall

The Ember Ward

The Accuser tells us that although we earned a victory, the rebellion cannot win against Denathrius without its leader, Prince Renathal. He was last seen together with Duke Theotar in an assault that got Theotar banished to the Ember Ward, and we try to go there to find the Duke in Where is Prince Renathal?.

Arriving in there, we’re stopped by the front door guard, the giant Stonehead, who tells us that the Ember Ward is for bad people only. As we don’t look like we’re bad, we need to forge that we died and were bad people in Sign Your Own Death Warrant. After we forge our papers, we are thrown headfirst into the Ember Ward, which gives punishment to people by having them constantly exposed to the light. Is this supposed to be punishment? Not for us!

After we arrive in the Ember Ward, we find a shambling venthyr, who guides us around in Chasing Madness. The venthyr, Lady Sybille, guides us straight to Theotar, the Mad Duke. He’s not doing very well as the Light is very unforgiving to the Venthyr, but we must help him by cleaning up the Ember Ward in Unbearable Light, rebuild a parasol to protect himself from the Light in Theotar’s Mission, and kill the ruffian responsible for destroying his parasol in My Terrible Morning. Theotar follows you around while in these quests, but the Light hurts him, so try to not stand in it too much.

After this, we’re once again guided by Lady Sybille, this time to Theotar’s hideout, in Lost in the Desiccation. Theotar’s assistants, Tubbins and Gubbins, then task us to help them make tea for Theotar to help him feel better in Tubbins’s Tea.

Approaching Sinfall

After Tubbins gives Theotar some tea and builds a new parasol for Duke Theotar, we now go on An Uneventful Stroll with them, bringing them to the Sanctuary of the Mad. Theotar tells us that Prince Renathal was last seen dragged off to the big tower overlooking the Ember Ward, and we are trying to get there. After taking the scenic route, we’re tasked to check the elevator leading to the big tower, known as Sinfall, in Into the Light. The elevator is being bathed in redirected Light, and as we are unaffected by it, we are the perfect foe to go through it.

We are then tasked with clearing out Sinfall and moving the mirror that is directing Light to the Sinfall elevator in Securing Sinfall. With the mirror moved and the elevator no longer being bathed in Light, Sinfall is open for invasion!

The Prince and the Tower

Searching for The Prince

We start going deeper into Sinfall in In the Ruin of Rebellion, trying to find signals of where Prince Renathal might be. We quickly discover the grim fate of Prince Renathal: He was sent to the Maw, straight to Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Introduction to Torghast

In the Shadowlands Alpha, this questline is currently not available for testing, as we are supposed to be sent into The Maw to search for Prince Renathal. Instead, we are sent straight to Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and ascend a couple floors to find a way out of Torghast. In this “trial run” of Torghast, we learn the very basics about the tower – The Phantasma, Anima Orbs and their powers, Phantasma vendors, traps and bosses. At the end of the run, we find The Curator, who is able to use us as a catalyst for a portal back to Revendreth.

After Renathal is brought back to Sinfall, we gather all the allies we found along our journey through Revendreth – The Accuser, General Draven and Duke Theotar, in Refuge of Revendreth.

Theotar: My Prince!
Prince Renathal: Theotar! My old friend. I am so happy to see you. And I see you manage to get your shirt off…
Theotar: You as well. I could grate carrots on those ribs of yours.
Theotar: I sent out the call to any who survived. We have quite a gathering collecting here.

The Accuser: Renathal.
Prince Renathal: Accuser. Thank you for sending this Maw Walker to find us.
The Accuser: Curator…
The Curator: I am fine. I will be fine.

General Draven: My liege.
Prince Renathal: Draven! This is more than I could have hoped for. Report.
General Draven: There are far less of us than we had in our last assault.
Prince Renathal: Gather the forces, we attack soon. I have a plan, but we must act swiftly before Denathrius learns of my escape.

Menagerie of the Master

Renathal tell us that the anima that Sire Denathrius is stealing from Revendreth and the Shadowlands is helping weaken the bonds that seal the Jailer within the Maw, and for that, he must be stopped at all costs. In Blinded By The Light, we’re told to use Denathrius’ original plans in the Ember Ward against him by aligning the mirrors that redirect the light shining through there, this time, aiming towards Castle Nathria.

After we redirect all the mirrors, we are received with a short cutscene teling us that the next quest is supposed to be the final scenario of Revendreth, but it is unfortunately not available for testing as of the current Alpha build. We are done with Revendreth… for now.

The supposed final quest in Revendreth is The Master of Lies, the final quest for the achievement The Master of Revendreth. The quest objective has us assault Castle Nathria and defeat Sire Denathrius, but it is known that we fail this objective somehow, as Castle Nathria is the first raid of Shadowlands, with Sire Denathrius being the last boss in there.

We do know that Kael’thas Sunstrider, former Prince of the Blood Elves, is inside Castle Nathria and also serves as one of the encounters in the raid. However, we know we do not defeat him, but instead, save him from his torturers. We might end up seeing Kael’thas in the final scenario in Revendreth.

What do you think happens for us to fail in the end of the Revendreth storyline? Why do you think we need to save Kael’thas? Let us know in the comments!

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