Shadowlands Amazing Character Customization! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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  1. allied races. The worst idea >:(
    f'ing hate them. yeah, make us pay for an expansion for crap to grind on AND THEN GRIND FOR THE RACES?? UGH

  2. Really excited for the undead and that they stand up straight i like the idea of a fresh corpse lmao 😀 maybe i can make my corpse bride emily hehe

  3. I am honestly wondering what these new customizations will impact on druid forms, since the forms changes slightly based on skin or hair color.


  5. Haven't seen a comment about it yet but I would really like to see Dark Rangers as an appearance option for Blood Elves ;; I've always wanted to play a Dark Ranger and I don't think they would make them an allied race since we already have a high elf themed allied race

  6. Wildhammer Dwarves are very different from the other Dwarves. The Bronzebeard heritage armor and racials make no sense for a Wildhammer. They're also supposed to be quite a bit leaner and taller than Bronzebeards with different skin and hair colors. It's just a shame that they got shafted like this, but at least we can kinda roleplay now

  7. They should add more races or give existing a lot more customization options. They are very lacking in character creation department.

  8. I only play Trolls so Darkspears & Zandalari 50/50.. there is some great ol classic transmog sets for Darkspear but I still hope there is going to be a heritage armour set, really looking forward to the new customization options.. would’ve been cool if you could really beef up you’r Darkspear like the Berserkers in WarCraft 3 or the Amani WoW models

  9. I know it won't happen, but I'd love some heights that make the races look like teens/children so we don't have adult characters roleplaying as kids… It'd really help with immersion for RP servers.

  10. I would usually say I hope for thinner male humans (not kul tiran) to be an option but void elves exist so I'ma roll with them. Would've liked for a not blue skin color tho like Alleria's but oh well

  11. I hope we get a general posture option, like humans not having to stand in an H pose(humans with Geralt-pose would be pretty cool) and the rest of the hunched races being able to stand upright. In addition to a super pale Shattered Hand skin for mag'har Orcs, tusk options for them and regular Orcs, Grimtotem skin for Tauren, antlers for Night Elf druids, and generally battlescars and a missing/blinded eye for everyone

  12. The top things i wish of customizations are: more facial hair, especialy for trolls, blood elves & undead.

    Make tauren stand up or atleast make Them look like there back isnt destroyed.

    And i know its not realy a customizations but, add things to make a bigger difference of lifestyle of youre character, like what if i want to be a barbarian human or a high fancy goblin. Just things that make a big difference of youre human to other humans.

  13. Imagine having a MMORPG in 2019 with no sliders for character customization. Oh, and the most successful MMORPG in history also tells you they will never have sliders because it would be too difficult…

  14. I hope they add long hair option like the undead one for humans, and hopefully they fix the hair not showing when wearing a helm … my death knight needs to look epic with the pale skin and ashen hair.

  15. Please remove the tech neck problem that male Night Elves experience now that wasn't in Classic! Also, a whole lot more customization will be great for Night Elves seeing that all the other elf races have it better than them.

  16. I’m so thankful blizzard are finally adding more customization to all the other core races, I just hope they give atleast Forsaken, and MAYBE Darkspear trolls the option to not have the hunch, only reason I say maybe with trolls is because we haven’t really seen any previous examples of this, where as with forsaken we’ve seen examples in the Forsaken guards at Dazar’alor and I feel if the Darkspear trolls did have straight backs they may tower over even a Tauren which is the tallest race in the game but who knows, what I do know is as a Forsaken main I’ve long awaited the day that I had the option to play as an undead that didn’t look like he spends all his unlife in a pre-cannabalize stance, if Orcs can have straight spins so should the Forsaken!

  17. They need to sort out the Nightborne allied race because they were a huge let down in comparison to the Suramar nightborne.

  18. And the female Chinese human has void elve hair type , so.. give void elves some more hairs pleeease

  19. How's about relaxing artifact skins so you can use them cross spec within a class. Seems silly to be locked now

  20. Bout time I'm sick the human race only being the white race and now maybe have black ppl in cutscenes too!!!!

  21. No new race and no new class is a bit of a downer for an expansion, but if the customization allows Blizzard to implement minor allied races who aren't different enough from the originals to be excited, like Wildhammers, Sandfury, Dark Trolls, etc. I'm happy as long as it is addressed in game, for example by some ambassadors.


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