Shadowlands Art Blast: Brokers, Dredgers, and Sire Denathrius Animations by Blizzard’s Animation Team

Shadowlands Art Blast: Brokers, Dredgers, and Sire Denathrius Animations by Blizzard's Animation Team

The following Animation Reels were shared in Part 2 of the Shadowlands Art Blast posted to Artstation by Blizzard.

Shadowlands Art Blast: Part 1 Shadowlands Art Blast: Part 2

Caitlin Geels – Senior Animator

Caitlin‘s reel features animations of some of Ardenweald’s creatures, as well as some of Sire Denathrius.

Zone Overview: Ardenweald

Corin McCrate – Senior Animator

Corin‘s reel features animations of creatures from both Revendreth and Maldraxxus, including the ever-popular Dredgers and those jelly monster men, the Infectious Monstrosities.

Zone Overview: Revendreth

John Butkus – Senior Animator

John‘s reel features quite a few recognizable animations from the Castle Nathria raid, including the dancing Venthyr from the Council of Blood fight, and Sire Denathrius’s death.

Castle Nathria Raid Guide

Marlowe Lexvold – Animator

Marlowe‘s reel shows animations of creatures from all over the Shadowlands, from the gargoyle-like Stoneborne in Revendreth to the owl-like Stewards of Bastion.

Zone Overview: Bastion Zone Overview: Maldraxxus

Thomas Nguyen – Associate Animator

Thomas‘s reel features animations of the mysterious Brokers, the Tirnenn of Ardenweald, and certain Venthyr animation, including their uniquely dramatic death animation.

Zone Overview: Oribos

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