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  1. Another expansion to not play….. what's this now 3 for me. Bring back wrath or bc era gameplay and spells and also a real talent tree again amd I'm sure many will be all in again…..ShadowFail!!!

  2. Racials need to be removed from the game. This idea that if you want to be competitive you have to play certain races because of broken racials is stupid af. It’s insane how many times I’ve seen shadowmeld win games for people in pvp and now we get this dumb ass races op ability. Lol this games a joke. I’m glad I just play to 2100 every season and quit no point in pushing higher anymore.

  3. I was hoping they would let me do talent based armor, that would be even better than class based, but they don't even answer to my enquiries despite having been using my artwork for a decade now, so i just quit designing armors i guess

  4. Not even touching this game until they prove it's not a complete dumpster fire on release, not bothering with it if it's borderline unplayable until like the final 3 months like the previous 2 exp. I really want it to be good though… No faith in Blizzard.

  5. Where do we get the Demo game download at or could it only have been downloaded during Blizz Con., Thanks for the video and any information that you can send to me about this Demo Download.

  6. to be fair wow racial's are pretty bad in general which i kinda like, makes my choice of race less impactful. Which i guess sounds bad but its nice to not have to worry that my class and race combo decisions will make or break my build

  7. Wow character creation is so trash still sorry

    They act like advance races are addition to game it’s a cheap ass no work involved hype for expansion element at best. That you have to unlock with ur main then invest time lvl gearing gtfo

  8. Can everyone calm the fuck down, yes Blizzard talked about bringing back class identity, but nothing has been implemented yet . The expac LITERALLY just got announced.

  9. This expansion looks like shit i don't care about new zones or anything i just hope pvp is more balanced and bring more abilitys into the game.. then it will be fun and remove all that stupid rng loot for gear… just remove weekly chests and add pvp vendors..


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