Shadowlands Demon Hunter / Mage / Shaman / Priest (OMG CHANGES)


Shadowlands Demon Hunter / Mage / Shaman / Priest (OMG CHANGES)


  1. I think you’re way too late to complain about dps classes getting heals because as of now, mage is the only class left that does not have a healing ability. I’m on board with you, that is not how the game was initially designed. But that was because there wasn’t really any solo content except questing where all classes had to drink/eat. These changes are meant to get mage more in line with other classes for thorgast. Man, surely you know that ice block healing is not likely to affect arenas/bgs because 1) your healer can heal you through that already 2) you’ll most often cancel it anyway or get dispelled and now shattered. Your shields can also be dispelled. In my opinion it all means that mage is still the worst class when it comes to healing potential in pvp. What you think that a conduit that gives us a full heal(only when max) 3.5 minutes is too much for a mage? Easy to say as a Druid who has so many heals baseline + renewal for dps specs. You do comparable damage you know that? Hybrid tax is a thing of the past. Let’s bring it back, make sure you as a hybrid do half of mage’s damage then you can complain about their heals. Pff

  2. They just keep giving me fake hope for enhancement. Ffs blizzard, just one patch. Let me be good for one patch. Please

  3. Why did you use different class icon for DH at the thumbnail? The one with glaive would have suited way better – these things trigger me so bad..

  4. Some mediocre specs get nerfs but frost mage gets insane buffs while it’s already really good feels so stupid seriously…

  5. Strong specs getting buffs. Weak specs getting nerfs. WTF blizzard, WTF. Frost mages are unkillable even without all these buffs. This is just insanity. How are people allowed to choose specs for themselves if you have 3 specs and 1 is better for questing, PvP, raiding AND M+ than the other two?

  6. Love your content but these ads are out of control.
    Give a donation link or something in the description and just forget about that youtube ad cancer please.
    Ye i know i know adblock, jump to the end, replay, etc but still.
    Next video with that many and ill unsub instead of donating.

  7. Supa these ads are out of control. I'm going to have to start downvoting your vids. I don't WANT to. I think you're awesome and I really enjoy your content but HOLY SHIT dude. Too much.


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