Shadowlands DPS TIER LIST (Castle Nathria Tier List)


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Time for a Shadowlands dps tier list video all based on the latest logs from the week that just passed. Now we know every time we make a video like this, folks get heated up, especially when it comes to a shadowlands dps tier list but all we do is place these specs, based exclusively on their performance on logs and have a quick discussion on what works and what doesn’t work for each of them. So if you like these wow tier list shadowlands formats be sure to stick to Marcelian Online and tune in every Friday for an update of the meta 🙂

00:00 Intro
02:54 Assassination Rogue
05:03 Frost Mage
06:48 Destro Warlock
08:00 Fury Warrior
09:33 Arcane Mage
10:59 Havoc DH
12:47 Arms Warrior
14:38 Demonology Warlock
17:02 Subtlety Rogue
19:01 Frost Death Knight
20:47 BM Hunter
22:24 Fire Mage
24:12 Enhancement Shaman
26:00 Elemental Shaman
27:21 Affliction Warlock
29:00 Windwalker Monk
30:40 Ret Paladin
32:27 Outlaw Rogue
34:28 Shadow Priest
36:09 Survival Hunter
37:40 Feral Druid
39:15 MM Hunter
40:40 Balance Druid
42:26 Unholy DK

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  1. Not a big deal but you guys should maybe separate dps into different videos for range and melee to spam more great videos?

  2. Disappointing to see BM Hunter so low ranked. It has been an on-off favourite since MoP. Having a helper was always useful.

    Surprised to see Feral so high up. It's not always been easy to play. I've found it starved of energy at times.

    Fire Mage seems cool, pun intended.

  3. I currently play resto druid. I am good at it and love to play it. However I am in need of an offspec and even though boomy seems like teh obvious choice… I always mained healer/melee dps in classic so i kinda want to go feral. However the stigma and possibility of not getting into mythic keys as feral is kinda off putting. Can some1 "soothe" me and explain to me if feral is still viable in higher content?

  4. i like my fury warrior,nice damage and fun but this class is bad for utility,unlike before,warrior is like damage bot no matter damage is high or low.Banners should come back for utility.

  5. Please don’t take this video as any kind of serious information. They have absolutely no conception of where classes are actually.

  6. Weapons are that important for enhancement? Ive been stuck on 213 and 200 for a month at least, on a good week I get 1 item from the whole raid, its awful

  7. I hate how much blizzard ignores arms for PVE. they always have. i know they have alwys been strong in pvp but show them at least a little love i mean come on blizzard

  8. The reason for Demo doing so much dam is a meme build. they are using rally within their CD's and PI during tyrant window. Tyrant is made larger with the warlocks Stam

  9. i dont get how rogues are that high up. Looking at warcraft logs and excluding CN servers, there is still basically no rogues to a small hadful, in the top 100, for any encounter.

  10. Having just gotten back into World of Warcaft after a nice year break, it's great to see that some of my favorite roles are doing well again! Fire Mage King is back baby woo!

  11. if you get an enhance shaman in the raid, windfury totem gives amrs warr a 7% DPS buff and allows them to completely pop off

  12. I dislike making an video of how good the dps specs are from castle by just copying the list from warcraftlog. Maximus from limit made a deep dive into why some classes shine over others and that type of content you learn more from.


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