Shadowlands Guide to Rated Battlegrounds

Shadowlands Guide to Rated Battlegrounds

With Conquest now uncapped until the end of Season 2, now is a great time to get into Battlegrounds to power up your characters!

Introduction to Battlegrounds

The guide’s first section provides an introduction to Battlegrounds – discussing the costs and item levels of PvP gear, PvP terms, and macros and addons you may find useful while participating in Battlegrounds. This section will introduce you to acronyms and PvP-specific jargon which are essential to know for both understanding and communicating what is happening in a Battleground. The listed addons will allow you to make more accurate callouts and provide you with extra information, and the provided macros will allow you to save precious seconds when targetting a player, dropping a flag, and more.

Introduction to Battlegrounds Overview PvP Gear, Ranks, and Upgrades PvP Terms and Expressions Best Addons for Rated Battlegrounds Best Macros for Rated Battlegrounds

General RBG Information

The guide’s second section covers general Rated Battlegrounds information such as target calling, base sitting, the RBG meta, RBG leading, as well as some general RBG tips and advice. This section will prepare you for your role in Rated Battlegrounds, allowing you to contribute to your team effectively and communicate important information. You will also learn about what makes a team comp strong as well as weaknesses to look out for based on your (or your enemy’s) team composition.

General RBG Information Overview Best Rated Battlegrounds Tips Rated Battlegrounds Meta and Best Compositions How to Base Sit in Rated Battlegrounds Target Calling in Rated Battlegrounds How to Lead Rated Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds Strategy

The third and final section of the guide gives advice for each Battleground map. Each page shows important locations, explains map-specific terms and shorthand, details map-specific strategies, and gives other helpful tips. This section of the guide will prepare you for strategies commonly seen on the ladder. Understanding these strategies will help you to feel more at ease when entering a Rated Battleground.

Battlegrounds Strategy Overview Warsong Gulch Twin Peaks Battle for Gilneas Arathi Basin Deepwind Gorge Eye of the Storm Silvershard Mines Temple of Kotmogu Seething Shore

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