Shadowlands Hunter Pet Guide – New Hunter Pets in Shadowlands and Pre-Patch

Shadowlands Hunter Pet Guide - New Hunter Pets in Shadowlands and Pre-Patch

Shadowlands Hunter Pet Guide

Some of the changes mentioned in the guide are highlighted below. Many of those changes, such as the new pet families and some of the new tames will be available next week with the Shadowlands pre-patch!

  • Hunter stables have been massively upgraded – You can now hold up to 200 beasts at your stables!
  • New Pet Families are implemented such as Camels and Coursers.
  • New Specialized Hunter Tames!
    Hunters are able to tame Cloud Serpents such as Elegon and Tsulong with the new tame book How to School Your Serpent! The book requires Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent, but as it is account bound, you can purchase it with a different character and send it to your Hunter.
  • Undead Hunters are able to tame Undead beasts such as the majestic Reanimated Monstrosity in the pre-patch! Non-Undead Hunters will need to wait until Shadowlands release to learn the dark secrets to taming Undead beasts via Simple Tome of Bone-Binding.

The guide also shows many new pet models coming in both the pre-patch and Shadowlands, such as Bastion Phalynxes, Maldraxxus Chimeras, Ardenweald Vulpin, and Maw Hounds!

Are you excited for the new Hunter pets coming up in Shadowlands? What pet are you going after when you set foot into the lands of the dead? Let us know in the comments!

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