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Corruptions and the Pre-Patch

  • A large blog post will be coming out likely next week detailing what will be going away and what wouldn’t – e.g. Brutosaur.
  • Corruption is going away in the 9.0 pre-patch.
  • Essences and Azerite Armor will continue to work — except they will not work when in the Shadowlands.


  • You’re unlocking a recipe by taking it to the Runeforger
  • Recipes are account-wide.
    Sephuz triggered off CCs, dispels and interrupts which seems more like a PvP thing, so that recipe might drop from PvP.
  • Fire Mages had a Legendary that required a 4 second cast which seems more like PvE thing, so that recipe might drop from PvE content.

When you complete a high Torghast floor, you’ll get the Legendary materials for all floors below it as well.
Legendaries in Shadowlands should be earned at a faster pace than how Legion Legendaires launched.

LFG Updates

  • Will be updated, but not at Shadowlands launch
  • Used heavily for many Mythic+ dungeons and they will update the UI
  • You’ll hopefully be able to search by the dungeon and key level instead of what people listed the dungeon as.


  • New Seasonal Affixes in Shadowlands – They might test a couple of them on beta.
  • First one will probably be a little easier since everyone is learning the dungeons.
  • Bursting and Volcanic have been adjusted to scale with key level instead of health.
  • Mythic+ gear swapping will be limited to Weapon swapping. It’s essentially a big Raid encounter.

PvP only

  • Someone who just does PvP or only focuses on one activity should get about 95% of the power.
  • WoW is a large game and there should be a slight edge for those who can show mastery in multiple fields

Legacy Loot

  • No plans to change legacy loot at this time.

Collector’s Achievements

  • Always a plan to add more. However, they know that if they add new mounts and stuff some people feel forced to do it.
  • On the other hand, they also don’t want to make it feel out of reach for other players.


  • Isn’t 100% sure if Conduits stacking is intended, thinks it is.
  • Stacking does create some problems and with no stacking it does incentivize more variety.
  • With Conduits, they want to make sure that specialists do have a small edge. If you can be 96% as good as a Tank is it that bad?
  • They think that there’s something of value in that specialization, but they know some people disagree.

Problem Classes

  • Because they’re moving into Beta, it doesn’t mean that they’re done with class design and they’re only doing numbers.
  • However, don’t expect a fundamental overhaul.
  • They can still change interactions between abilities, talents and adding abilities.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander

  • Charmander
  • Fire is strong.

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