Shadowlands Level Squish Breakdown and No 8.3 until 2020 – Almost Saturday Vlog


Explaining everything we know about the Shadowlands Level Squish, my favourite parts of BlizzCon, 8.3 being delayed until 2020 and more. If you’re just here for the Level Squish breakdown, skip to 6:12 . If you have any questions that you’d like answered on a vlog, include the word ‘question’ and leave them as comments!

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  1. I kinda wish they revamped the old raids in the level squish to make all raids level 60 raids and bring all their gear up to pair with the new stuff. It would add more variety in raid choices. You wouldn't just be stuck raiding the same places in the newest expansion over and over again. All raids from all expansions would be viable and have equally good gear. So if you don't care for Shadowland raids but loved taking down the Lich King back in the day, you can do that, and it will be just as it was back then. No more one tapping raid bosses. As for the transmogs now being much harder to get. Oh fucking well. Suck it up butter cup and start putting in work for your reward.

  2. I wonder if WoD will be still the best leveling pick because of all the extra XP from artifacts and those "quest like events" in the world or will they remove/nerf XP from them cause it's totally op. But still TBC & WoD will be my pick. Those were always the most fun expansions to level.

  3. I miss Varian too. His death was a brutal shock, particularly with the way I learned of it. I was playing the beta and fumbling along through the intro solo scenario. Most of the cut scenes weren't in at that point. You had to guess your way through by listening to the sounds of battle while watching a solid black screen with occasional glimpses of events. We didn't see his last battle. The next thing I knew, I'm on the airship above Stormwind Harbor with Greymane handing me a letter for Anduin. Dread weighed upon me as I made my way to the keep. And then I saw the sarcophagus. Many of my alts can still see him in their garrisons. I may never finish those questlines. It would please me to see a happier destiny for Varian. The quest chain for the compass was some comfort there.

  4. The level squish really sucks, yet another in a very long list of Blizzards stupid ideas (much like the stupid idea of the garrison in WoD) some of us don't cheat and make level cap in one day, some of us actually have to work for the level caps which is a feat in itself and making level cap per expansion is a hard earned achievement and now for them to take that away really pisses me off. BAD MOVE BLIZZARD just as bad a move as you nerfing our characters every expansion. REALLY TRYING TO FIND SOME TINY WAY OF STAYING AND NOT JUST QUITTING LIKE THE MILLIONS OF PLAYERS BLIZ HAS PISSED OFF SINCE WOD.


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