Shadowlands Prepatch: What's new for healers?


Shadowlands 9.0 prepatch is finally here! In this video I go over all of the class changes coming to healers in prepatch. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so that you’re notified of my new videos! Read more below:

Prepatch Explained Video:
All prepatch class changes:

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I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for healers in M+ keystones for current World of Warcraft and into the new Shadowlands expansion. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos – I’d love to hear it in the comments.

0:00 Intro
0:51 Paladin
4:59 Priest
7:31 Druid
10:01 Monk
12:07 Shaman


  1. hi Yummy.. any upgrade in your WeakAura for resto druid 9.0 patch ??? … thanks bro amazing videos

  2. Holy didn't get any major changes, that's true, but there were still a few that were worth mentioning. I spent several hours with my hpriest last night, and it felt really good.

    Having shield back is awesome, especially for the speed boost which has been a gaping hole until now! Wish it lasted longer than 3 seconds, but it's so huge to have any speed at all! (the speed boost is on the 25 talent row).

    Increasing the length of Spirit of Redemption can be an absolute deal breaker if timed correctly. 22 seconds of no – mana, no interrupt, no dodge healing is a lot! (30 talent row, although you will probably be shuffling around on that row often)

    But what I noticed most was Surge of Light (on the 40 talent row). Flash heal is a staple in dungeon, and having that pop frequently as instant and no cost made a big difference. And it stacks, which meant that if holy word serenity wasn't ready I could frequently drop two flash heals instantly for the same big pow. My mana lasted noticeably longer, too. We 4-manned a mythic 7 (grrr you bailing pug after the first boss) and I only had to drink twice the entire time, and those were only to top off.

    So although none of the changes were massive, combined it was a significant difference and a big hole in your (otherwise excellent) video. Holy priest felt really good! (and can the other commenters give it up with the constant insistence that disc is "more powerful but harder"? They are both great healers with different strengths. The player matters most! Soap box over 😊)

  3. Thanks so much for your videos and insights. I decided to keep my DH as a tank (instead of pala tank) and I still can't decide which healer to play. I used to play shaman until cata but can't play it anymore as the totem rework is too weird for me. I suppose I play druid but really want to try paladin, too. I guess I make 2 healers lol. Sooooo which dps do you guys recommend? I was thinking warlock as I never really played that class and want to try something new.

  4. You became one of my favorite WoW-casters, I can't wait for your future Schadowlands-content. I'm a fellow Druid and Mistweaver healer. 💚

  5. When it comes to M+ guides feedback- personally I would love to see formula similar to your commentaries from high keys at BFA. It was amazingly insightful, not only ‚don’t stand in stuff’, but actually knowing what are the dangers and difficult situations for healers and so on. I mean don’t be afraid to make long videos with pauses in gameplay, in my opinion it helps us a lot! Obviously every run is different, but maybe you can include stuff like when it’s best to put externals on teammates or when to be prepered with cooldowns or stacked heals. Love your videos, never missed one since I found you channel!

  6. my favorite use for Shadow Word Death as holy is to get those pesky Prayer of Mendings off of myself and back onto the tank/melee

  7. I am also just sitting here waiting for the servers to come up and have been stress reading everything about the pre patch just in case I missed something 😂

  8. I noticed there was something unusual about the way you speak and I realize it's that your intonation doesn't go down when you finish an idea or a sentence and that leaves us waiting for you to complete your thought but then you move on to the next topic. It doesn't bother me but it's definetly uncommon.

  9. So they have changed Power Word: Shield to be a Holy Spell now? It has always been under the discipline school before, and same for pain supression… they were never in the Holy school as far as I remember (disease dispell, that one might have been under Holy though). I believe the tooltip might be wrong there, and you cannot cast neither Holy nor Discipline spells, so it should say something like 'you can cast only shadow spells'. Regarding Holy priest, if you have not played it, not talk about it is the best you could do, glad you did choose that option, but you should probably have said even less, as it has a few more nice changes away from what you said 😉

  10. I wanna be the best healer for raids and PVP, which one do you think is gonna be fun and also still holds up in battle? I wanna be a disc priest but I think they will nerf disc alot.

  11. Im torn between MW monk and Resto druid. Monk seems more fun in raids and druid for dungeons. might play both.. Great video!

  12. “Sitting here waiting for the server to come up”
    Aren’t we all??? Blizz pls open the flood gates!!!!

  13. Thank you for these videos 🙂 hopefully I can care enough this time around to get past 1,2k IO. Hope you enjoy prepatch :3


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