Shadowlands ''REVEALED'' Reaction! BLIZZCON 2019 World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer ( wow )


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Shadowlands ”REVEALED” Reaction! BLIZZCON 2019 World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer ( wow )

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#TrailerReaction and Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.


  1. Sylvanas is undead. A Banshee.
    The first LichKing Arthas MADE her that. The second LichKing Bolvar took the crown to prevent "Death claiming ALL". He kept Armageddon away from the living.
    Now Sylvanas gave Saurfang his honourable death, after making him betray her, and uniting Horde and Alliance against herself.
    Azeroth has to face Armageddon united. Go into the Shadowlands (between Life and Death), to find out what Sylvanas Endgame will be.

  2. Glory to the Banshee Queen! The Liberator! She set us free from the Lich King three times over! She set us free from the Scarlett Crusaders and the Gilnean Worgen dogs both. And now she will set us free from the very world of the living itself!

    Dark Lady watch over us all.

  3. Helm of the dominator, it and the sword Frostmourne were basically the keys to his kingdom

    Destroying the helmet shattered his control over the undead, and means there is no longer a jailor of the damned

  4. Arthas would have dominated this fight even if Slyvanas is enhanced from the shadowrealm. Bolvar is a weak cripple who is there to keep the scourge at bay. The Lich king we know and love was is a different league to this one here

  5. People do understand that Bolvar is in a weakened state and he doesnt even have Frostmourne either. He is leagues below Arthas and with Sylvanas gaining power from the Jailer (people in the comments seem to be ignoring that), Bolvar did not really stand a chance, even with the power of the lich king.

  6. You are right Dave, the Lich King without it's crown has no power over the dead, hence no power at all 😀 ! Even as a lore guy I can't quite tell you what's in store for WoW coming forward, in any cases I'm REALLY excited to see where the story will be going ^^!

  7. She is working with whatever the hell is going on in the maw. A lot of people are pissed that she is so powerful now, but we have absolutely no idea how long she has been tapping into that and how much it has changed her. I for one am very excited to see where she is headed. You should check out the "what's next" vid. I'm not sure if it is up on YouTube yet, I watched it with my blizzard app. MMO champion has all the info on the new expac (what has been said so far anyway).

    I. Am. So. Thrilled. Everything I saw today made me SO HAPPY.

    I am also baffled that we finally got an expansion leak that was accurate 😂

  8. i was literally on my way to tell you guys to watch this reaction! glad you guys were already thinking ahead! I myself am a classic WoW player, but of course I will play this new expansion and give it a try. Thanks for the entertainment guys!

  9. So, the previous Lich King – Arthas – turned her into the banshee she is now. And it was her doing that made Bolvar Fordragon – the current Lich King – get poisoned, which poison combined with the fire of Alextrasza, the Dragon Aspect of Life made Bolvar look like that. His body seemed to be on fire. Arthas found Bolvar and captured him. After Arthas got defeated, Bolvad offered himself to become the next Lich King and hold the leash of the undead army. What Sylvanas seeks is breaking the cycle of constant death and rebirth that can be easily experienced in the game and grant people true death. I guess her plan was to send as many people to the Shadowlands (the place/realm where dead go to) as possible. And now the time has come for her to head there as well. She probably realized that if the power of The Lich King allows to kind of manipulate death, then it has to be the key to The Shadowlands. So her goal all along was to create a rift leading to The Shadowlands, where she can fulfill her plan and "free us from the prison" that is being reborn after death, aka free us from the prison of Azeroth. And as you could see, destroying the crown of The Lich King opened a rift between the world of the living and shadowlands, the realm of death, which by the way seems to be a mirror reflection of Azeroth (upside down vibes).

  10. She has been gaining power from an entity called the jailer who resides in the shadowlands. That’s why she’s so powerful. If it wasn’t for him, she prob wouldn’t stand a chance against bolvar

  11. People seem to be comparing Bolvar LK too closely with Arthas LK. Bolvar is a crispy cripple who barely has any powers other than using the helm to control the undead, Arthas was a powerful deathknight with a cursed runeblade.

  12. Shadowlands? Lol…didn't even know a new expansion was on the way (but I guess there always will be, right?) Hmm…I got the impression av a mirrored world in the end there as if she broke open the prison – or even the fabric between worlds…ehr or maybe dimensions? Could the expansion be a dimension rather than a new world? Maybe they got inspiration from Stranger Things? LOL…
    All the current worlds in the… (what was it called?) upside-down? And we have to gain the ability to shift between…oh well. No use to speculate – I guess we'll find out eventually

  13. I can give some theories here, but first of all that whole cinematic makes no sense. Lich king was the jailer of the damned so I guess breaking the helmet broke the barrier between Azeroth and shadowlands. Shadowlands is the realm of the dead, kinda like afterlife or something. There was a warning, "There must always be a Lich king because without it's master the restless undead will become even bigger threat" which was probably to hide away the shadowlands. This was spoken by Arthas's father (the previous lich king) who was already dead and probably knew about shadowlands. Also a theory that something from shadowlands whispered Vol'jin before he died to make Sylvanas the warchief. This happened in the Fate of the horde cinematic.

    Now would be prime time to go and check out the fall of the lich king cinematic, that you have somehow missed. Probably the best in game cinematic, even tho it was 1 of the first in game cinematics.

  14. The helmet possesses the spirit of Ner'Zhul, who was an orc shaman tricked into a whole lot of shit before the events of World of Warcraft. Without the helmet being used by somebody, a virtually limitless army of undead is now rampant and leaderless. But, by destroying it, she's created a rift directly to the shadowlands, a very, very ancient place where the souls of the dead are kept, where fey spirits go to die and become reborn, and a whole host of other powerful beings dwell. She's basically unleashed chaos on Azeroth.

  15. The power of Sylvanas is quite uncertain. What we know is that she works for death itself which is some kind of entity we know little about but it seems to reside within the shadowlands. How sylvanas made a deal with that entity isnt really explained and therefore we dont know what makes her so strong all of a sudden(more than that she probably have gotten most powers from death itself). People dont really know alot about lore and thats why the fact that she beat Lich King is weird to them. Also worth mentioning is that this Lich King is not the same as in the "Wrath of the Lich king" trailer. The one before was killed back in the days but to contain the Scourge( all the zombies basically) there must always be a Lich King. Otherwise they would run rampant across the world. To prevent this rampancy, the character Bolvar Fordragon sacrificed himself to become the new lich king, wore the Helm of Domination and spent the rest of his days upon Ice Crown Citadel. We cant really compare the power of the last Lich king and the newer one and that makes it hard to explain whether he should of been beaten or not. Either way, nice reaction as usual 🙂

  16. The cinematic was cool, but im just pissed that Sylvanas beat the madafakin Lich King just like that. Bolvar was so cool in this! He deserved more in game time, maybe even a boss. Heck this trailer basically showed many cool moves that The Lich King could do in the boss fight. And i know it was said that Sylvanas has new powers and that's why she could beat Saurfang like that, but come ooonn the Lich King ? What's next she beats the Void Lords? (Said to be one of the most powerful beings in the Warcraft universe, basically Sargeras created the burning legion so that they whould destroy and "save" the world before the Void Lords can corrupt them. Even the Old gods are just minions of the void lords. A little bit of side lore :D) Honestly im fine with the Shadowlands thing, but god… im just disappointed the Lich King went out like that. I think the better version of this whould be the Lich King actually beating Sylvanas in the fight, and then maybe some plot stuff happens so Sylvanas is saved by someone or something like that and in the end, manage to take his helmet off somehow i don't know man. But the ingame feature stuff looks cool and as i said i liked this cinematic but im just pissed about this at the moment 😀


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