Shadowlands Top 10 Exciting Abilities Returning To Classes! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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  1. Honestly, I was hoping for Kil'Jaden's Cunning in Shadowlands for Warlocks so they could at least cast and move their main soulshard generator again. But nah.

  2. When you say things like adding poisons will increase sub damage ….its like you don't understand none of the added abilities will increase damage…they will rebalance around the new abilities.

  3. theres gonna be alot of people not playing or quitting shadowlands. It's looking to have alot of shit BFA has and thats gonna be the death of wow. Ironically Shadowlands is about death

  4. I feel like locks have sucked since cata…It's still my main but I no longer enjoy it. I wish Blizzard would stop listening to everyones suggestions it's really messed up the game as a whole.

  5. I want more abilities like leap of faith or Mind Vision! Utilities that are useful but dont add to dps, healing or mitigation. Monks need something, DH also, but i would like to see monks with something new. What about a decoy ability, think about it in a mirror image ninja jutsu kinda ability lol there are so many possibilities!

  6. Yes Druids have to be more OP – especially m+ wise. Yes hunters need Killshot cause to make them even more ridiculous. Yes Paladins need more damage how pathetic. Even the fucking Spriest need Shadow word death back because they arent op enough and dont do enough damage in raids. And Yes finally rogous the most ridiculous pvp and pve class they needed a buff. Fuck Blizzard. Shamans gain Primal Strike what shit ability Blizzard hates shamans.

  7. Monk main here, I really enjoyed how tigereye brew worked in MoP, with the small burst windows outside of ToD

  8. "Imagine being the healer inside of a dungeon, helping the dps do as much damage as possible"

    So… every good healer in any m+ since before this xpac dropped?

  9. I couldn't sit through the whole video. He wastes so much time and almost sounds like he's being paid by blizzard for this video. "it's weird, but I like it"
    It doesn't matter what he's talking about, he promotes the shit out of it. I want to learn about the new abilities, but not like this

  10. tbh i remember back in the day in MoP when warlocks could cast while moving

    i suppose that's terribly OP and blizzard won't make that again, but it was actually amazingly fun, when they deleted that i stopped playing with a warlock, and that still last to this day, not a big deal since i don't play so much with casters in mmo's, but it was amazing


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