Shrouded Mythic+ Affix – Shadowlands Season 4 Affix First Look

Shrouded Mythic+ Affix - Shadowlands Season 4 Affix First Look

Something’s not quite right… as Dreadlords have invaded Shadowlands Season 4! Hunt them down during the Mythic+ dungeon for massive secondary stat bonuses.

Overall Shrouded seems to be a relatively low impact and straightforward affix, even moreso than Encrypted from Season 3. This is likely to compensate for players having to learn many new dungeons and routes.

Big thanks to Dratnos for testing the new affix on his stream!

Choose Your Buff

At the start of each dungeon, you can choose what secondary stat you want your Bounty to have by talking to an NPC.

You will start off with 1 stack. Every time you defeat a Dreadlord in the dungeon, the stack count will increase by 1. Depending on the dungeon, you will probably end up with 10+ stacks!

Find the Dreadlords

While the Shrouded affix is active, certain mobs will be replaced in the dungeon with Dreadlords. In order to find them, you can see certain mobs that have a dark aura around them which will also have the Disguised buff.

When engaging this mob in combat, this mob will be completely replaced by a Dreadlord. Most of the time, it will turn into a Nathrezim Infiltrator, however it currently looks like one mob will be actually be a miniboss Dreadlord Zul’gamux.

Nathrezim Infiltrator

When the mob turns into a Nathrezim Infiltrator, it seems to have less health than traditional mobs and has a couple of abilities.

  • Vampiric Claws – Strikes the target inflicting 40 Shadow damage and healing for 250% of the damage dealt.
  • Carrion Swarm – Inflicts 50 Shadow damage to enemies in front of the dreadlord and reduces healing received by 35% for 10 sec.
  • Nightmare Cloud – Creates a wandering Nightmare Cloud for until canceled. Coming into contact with a Nightmare Cloud afflicts players with $spellname.
    Nightmare – Forces players into a deep sleep filled with feelings of helplessness.

These mobs seem easier to deal with than the Season 3 mobs from Encrypted and can mostly just be cleaved down.

Whenever a Nathrezim Infiltrator is defeated, a Broker will show up and capture it granting you one stack of your chosen Bounty Buff and giving you a Bounty Payment.

  • Restoration – Restoring 6% health and mana every 1 sec for 5 sec.


However, one Disguised Dreadlord will turn into a miniboss, Zul’gamux. So far, this looks like it has more health and is harder to deal with but seems to be in a set location in the dungeon. However, with greater risk comes greater rewards.

Here are Zul’gamux‘s abilities.

  • Shadow Claws – Zul’gamux’s claws are empowered, inflicting 11 additional Shadow damage every 1 sec for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
    This is a magic debuff and can be dispelled.
  • Blood Barrier – Zul’gamux shields herself in a barrier of blood and begins siphoning blood from her enemies, inflicting 4 Shadow damage every 0.5 sec and healing for X% of that amount. Blood Barrier absorbs the next Y damage and grants immunity to interrupts.
  • Shadow Eruption – Unleashes a powerful Shadow Eruption inflicting Z Shadow damage and reducing healing received by 70% for 10 sec.
  • Hypnosis Bat – Summons a Hypnosis Bat to put a player into a terrifying state of Hypnosis.
    Hypnosis – Places the player in a Shadowy Barrier and sends the player into a Hypnosis. Hypnosis inflicts Shadow damage every 1 sec and causes the player to become hostile to allies until the Hypnosis is broken.
  • Shadowy Barrier – Absorbs damage and keeps the player in a state of Hypnosis. Suffering 7 Shadow damage every 1 until the Hypnosis is broken.

For Blood Barrier, you’re going to want to DPS through the barrier and then interrupt to stop the damage and the Dreadlord healing.

Note that Hypnosis is not a traditional Mind Control as players still have control over their characters, but can be hit and can hit allies. Killing the Hypnosis bat before it finishes casting Hypnosis Bat avoids the Hypnosis effect completely or ends the effect on the player.

Whenever Zul’gamux is defeated, a Broker will show up and capture it granting you three stacks of your chosen Bounty Buff and giving you a larger Restoration buff.

  • Restoration – Restoring 20% health and mana every 1 sec for 5 sec.

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