Skarm's Guide to farming gold by yourself


In this video, I explain how to avoid ever being permanently poor in Azeroth. Below is a breakdown of different points in the video:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Getting your mount at lv.40
6:18 – lv.40 – lv.60
8:00 – After hitting lv.60 & farming for epic mount
10:12 – Crafting Professions & hanging out in town
14:23 – Gathering Professions & exploring the world
20:25 – Outro

Gold farming as a group (part 2):

Song used in video:


  1. 21 minutes and I didn’t learn how to make gold fast. So I got invited to some channel and they said if I give them real money they will give me gold so I bought 3000 gold

  2. As a warrior tank, too lazy to respec to farm, I just grind monastery with a Ravager. The proc is insane and can help you clear anything in a decent amount of time. Its crits can also proc deep wounds. Very nice imo

  3. Its all good, but im still missing where i should farm and what i should farm. Im a prot warrior, and have eng and mining (Eng for the MC shield) So farming thoriums mines is shit, and mithril ore is not worth anything on AH.
    Should i farm felcloth in feelwood? should i try to get a BOE from Shadowfang? Where is my go to for G farming?

  4. I have found out that making items that are used for quests is also a good way to making money in wow classic, as an engineer I have made a few gold by making Hi-Explosive bomb and unstable triggers, since they're used for a quest in Eastern Plaguelands. So what I do is making items for quests, since someone at some point is going to need it. But it's not something you can depend on alone sadly.

  5. I have never been through WPL when that undead spot isn’t being farmed by multiple mages. Maybe a guide where you aren’t in awesome gear to farm gold would be more helpful for those trying to get their epic mount. You know something for a fresh 60

  6. I obtained my epic-mount 4 days after reaching lvl 60, with roughly 200g in my pockets after reaching 60. As I mostly done green quests during leveling I had plenty of quests still available at level 60, which I then completed at 60 which turn the XP reward into gold. Doing all of the end-game zone' quests was enough (including selling grey and green loot to the vendor) to obtain enough gold to buy the mount. As an alchemist I made roughly 100g in the auction house during the level and questing phase as so many ppl also took this profession. I could have sold one of the 3 epics I found (hurricane bow, staff of jordan and edgemaster's handguards), though gold through questing was enough so I did't have to sell the epics actually. Except for the hurricane bow which I gave to a RL buddy I still have those 2 epics in my bank waiting for either an alt character to use them or for someone who wants to buy them to a reasonable price – especially the edgemaster's handguards are partially sold at 400g which is way underpriced for a non-orc/human-off-warrior BIS item IMO.

  7. You mention saving up for you’re epic mount, BUT how long did it take you to save up for you’re life stealing enchant LoL, and the vast amount of other really expensive items/chants you have 🙂

  8. One also easy way to save your money while lvling is to ask mages to give you food and/or water. They can make it for free and only cost them mana which will replenish in time, free of charge! This works for every class! (Except if you're a mage yourself, then obviously you don't need to ask ^^). Overall, it saves you alot of gold stacking up food and/or water, instead of buying them from NPC's (some mages are kind and do it for free, other's charge a small fee. But it's usually less then what you spend on stacking them up from NPC's.)

    Or just save up the food and/or water from the mobs and stuff you find.

  9. ofc ill thumbs up you video as you do a hell of a good job on your chanell but godamn, i lost 20mins looking for the part of the warrior farm. you could sumarize all those topics on an image and do a 5 min video as all the tips are preety self explanatory mate. keep it up. (yeah yeah the link..)

  10. i always had an Auction House character, always mail everything to them they hold the gold think by the end of vanilla i had 20 days play time on him becuse i used him as a dechanter of all boe items till they changed enchanting

  11. Dense war staff. A lot of greys are worth some coin. I suggest the Lazypig addon to help sell greys, as you say you are not sure what addons will be available. I enjoy these guides!

  12. I'll give you a better guide:

    'How to make gold by yourself in Vanilla'
    – Played the game 15 years ago
    – Know all of the content patches, when they hit, what raid consumes, enchants and other items are needed
    – Continue to buy out all of Auction House supplies from Day 1 of those materials until close to release
    – Sell when content patch is up for 1000% profit.

    Example: Elemental Water on release is worthless, on AH for 1 silver or less per piece, buy 20,000 of them. Re-sell at Naxx patch for 30 gold per stack of 10. I can't be bothered to do the math, but that 1 item alone net you thousands of gold.

    TLDR: best way to make gold in Vanilla is play the Auction House, no effort, super EZ money.


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