Solo Atal’Dazar +20 by Esanara the Vengeance Demon Hunter

Solo Atal'Dazar +20 by Esanara the Vengeance Demon Hunter

Esanara shared his video on Reddit, where he answered some questions in the comments on the feat. Congratulations!

Below you can find Esanara’s talents, azerite, essences, trinkets, and corruptions courtesy of, although as we learned in his reddit thread, he did swap corruptions between bosses:

How many tries on each boss?
Vol’kaal – 2 First one took forever since TD kept killing totems then I accidentally hit meld at some point (You can see me removing meld from my bar before pull lol)

Priestess Alun’za – A bunch (idk the number). Mostly a lot of me attempting to kill adds with TD to have less mobs hitting me (Furthest that got was a 6% wipe) before I went full vers and decided to facetank everything

Rezan – Something like 30-45 I think…

Yazma – 1

how hard is it vs just time consuming? I guess at a 20 it might actually be hard?
Alun’za was hard but really fun. Rezan was hard hitting and very time consuming. I had a few 20-30% wipes to Rezan like 20 minutes into the fights due to fuck ups. I had to just go do something else each time that happened to stop from going insane.

It says you were using 9x Vers but you’re clearly proccing TD in the video.
I’m guessing you swapped some to TD for killing bosses so the fights don’t last 19 days?

I used 9x Vers on The first two bosses then swapped into TD3 for Rezan and just kept it for Yazma since I went straight into that fight afterwards.

TD was bad for killing totems on Vol’kaal as it would proc and ruin it.

Vers helped survive Alun’za and her adds since it required 160k hps and she kills herself.

For Rezan I dropped as much vers as I could before I was too squishy outside meta and that allowed me to go TD3 and a few vers to remove grand delusions and the slow.

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