Soul Cinders on Patch 9.1 PTR – Drop Amounts in Torghast and Maw, Costs to Upgrade Legendaries

Soul Cinders on Patch 9.1 PTR - Drop Amounts in Torghast and Maw, Costs to Upgrade Legendaries

The new Legendary upgrade currency, Soul Cinders, now drops from Torghast and the Maw allowing to see how much we get per week. We’ve also datamined the amount of Soul Cinders that are required to upgrade your Legendary to Rank 5 and 6, meaning we can now calculate how many weeks, it’ll take to upgrade your Legendary in Patch 9.1!

Remember that this is on the PTR and the drop rate or the costs may change at any time. Thanks to Max for helping with the values from the new Layers.

Soul Cinders Drop Amounts on Patch 9.1 PTR Build 38524

Soul Cinders drop from Layers 9 through 12 in Torghast.

The below amounts are the rewards for completing each new Layer. If you complete Layer 12, remember that you’ll get all the rewards from lower layers, totaling 680 Soul Ash and 180 Soul Cinders per wing.

In order to unlock Layers 9 through 12, remember that you need to unlock the new Layer by achieving at least 4 out of 5 Gems (or “Stars” in the new scoring system. For more details on the new Patch 9.1 Torghast scoring system, check out our explanation of the scoring system.

Torghast Scoring System Explained

Soul Cinders from Maw Activities

You can also obtain Soul Cinders from the Tormentors of Torghast event and the Bi-Weekly assaults.

  • You get 50 Soul Cinders for completing the Tormentors of Torghast event per week
  • You get 100 Soul Cinders each week for completing the the Bi-weekly Assaults (50 Soul Cinders per Assault).

Soul Cinders Costs to Upgrade Legendaries on Patch 9.1 PTR Build 38524

The Rank 5 and Rank 6 Legendary upgrades will cost Soul Cinders. If your Legendary is not Rank 4, you’ll also have to pay the remaining Soul Ash amount that is needed.

The chart below shows the TOTAL amount of currency needed to craft a Legendary of that rank. If you are upgrading from a lower rank, you’ll be able to subtract any currency that you’ve already paid, because… well you’ve already paid it.

For example, to go from Rank 3 to Rank 6, you’ll need to pay 1,950 Soul Ash and 1,650 Soul Cinders.

How Long Will It Take to Upgrade Legendaries in Patch 9.1?

Rank 6 Legendaries

In order to achieve an item level capped Rank 6 Legendary, you’ll need 1,650 Soul Cinders. You’ll be able to earn 360 Soul Cinders every week from Torghast, 50 Soul Cinders every week from Tormentors of Torghast event, and 100 Soul Cinders every week from the Bi-weekly assaults, for a total of 510 Soul Cinders per week.

  • 1 week to upgrade to a Rank 5 Legendary
  • 4 weeks to upgrade to a Rank 6 Legendary

With the current tuning, every 4 weeks (~3.24 weeks), you’ll get another max Item Level legendary.

Rank 4 Legendaries

With the new Layers 9 through 12, you do get a little more Soul Ash as well. In Patch 9.0.5, you earned 1140 Soul Ash per week, but in Patch 9.1, you’ll currently earn 1,360 Soul Ash per week.

This brings the amount of time to craft a Rank 4 Legendary down to ~3.8 weeks (from ~4.5 weeks), saving you about a week per Legendary! You’ll be able to make Rank 4 Legendaries very slightly faster then you can upgrade them to Rank 6 Legendaries, but they should be moving at about the same pace in Patch 9.1.

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