Soulshape Journal – New Addon for Tracking Night Fae Soulshapes

Soulshape Journal - New Addon for Tracking Night Fae Soulshapes

Soulshape Journal adds a tab to your Collections menu, the same menu where you go to find pets, mounts, toys, and heirlooms. It shows a list of all known Soulshapes and Crittershapes currently in the game, highlighting all of them that your character knows and greying out any that are not yet known. It will show the Soulshapes known or not known by the character you’re on at the time. (Note: If you look at this tab on a character who is not a member of the Night Fae Covenant, all Soulshapes will appear greyed out and you’ll see a message that you can’t collect these since you aren’t a member of that Covenant).

You will see your total number of known vs. unknown Shapes (my warlock has been a slacker, with only 12/56 known shapes). You can use the Filter to show only Collected or Uncollected shapes. Clicking on any Shape will show a screenshot of the Soulshape with a description on where it’s found and any special instructions on where/how to acquire it.

A couple of shapes, most notably the Corgi Soul and Cat Soul (Well Fed), apply automatically upon completing the requirements, and thus won’t update the Soulshape Journal immediately. You’ll need to hit the yellow plus sign to add these to your Journal as completed.

This is a welcome tracker for Night Fae collectors, particularly those with more than one Night Fae character with different Souls known on various characters. All those blank spaces may encourage you to fill in those missing Souls from your personal collection!

Soulshape Journal Addon on Curseforge

Night Fae Soulshapes and Crittershapes in Shadowlands

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