Speculation on the Original Source for the Sprite Darter Set – BlizzCon Virtual Reward? Dreamgrove Murder Mystery?

Speculation on the Original Source for the Sprite Darter Set - BlizzCon Virtual Reward? Dreamgrove Murder Mystery?

In this post we’ll look at the possibility that the Sprite Darter Set was originally intended for BlizzCon 2020, or perhaps an unused Dreamgrove Murder Mystery questline. However, there’s a strong argument to be made that it was intended for the pre-patch all along.

Although it is a good theory, it’s worth noting that the woolies have explicit BlizzCon branding on the zipper, which is absent on the Sprite Darter set, which may indicate that it was not intended for that event.

The Sprite Darter set thematically fits a lighthearted Dreamgrove questline, so it’s plausible that it was originally tied to a quest which simply never made it to live servers. The recent paid collectable Ensemble: Vestments of the Eternal Traveler was tied to the quest The Eternal Traveler, so the Sprite Darter set have had a similar Blizzard promotional item and quest. Below you can find all the datamined text:

So we were hanging out in the Dreamgrove, playing our favorite game…
Hey Thisalee! Let’s play Don’t Wake Naralex!
For the last time, knock it off!
Hmm… no reaction. Let me try!
Mm… Muyoh, leave me… to my studies…
Hah! Still asleep. Your turn again, Thisalee.
Hmm… wha…
Then suddenly, we heard a yell!
Ha ha! Got you again. Bye Naralex!
Oh no!!!! Somebody help! Quick!

You poor little babies… how could anybody do this?!
Mylune! What happened?
Oh Arthur it’s just the most awful thing! Somebody brutally murdered these poor little bunny wunnies!
Alright, who’s got another idea?
Did you hear that, Thisalee? Let’s go see what happened!
These poor little bunnies… who would murder such innocent babies in cold blood?
Did you see anything else? Any clues as to who did this?
” All I saw is these poor, teeny weeny little babies… with their little twitchy noses… and cute little wittle paws…

Don’t worry, Mylune. Leave it to us! Don’t worry, Mylune. Leave it to us!
Thisalee, let me tell $n this part! Please?!
Ugh… fine, go ahead.

And with that, Thisalee and I were on the case!
We decided to start by talking to some of the other druids. Somebody must have seen something!
Have you seen any bunny murderers around the Dreamgrove?
I have heard about the murdered rabbits, but have seen nothing with my own eyes. Perhaps you should take wing and search from the skies?

We will keep our eyes open, Skylord!
Greetings, young druids. Where does nature lead you today?
Do you know who would murder bunnies in cold blood?
I fear the reason you ask me. I assure you that I would never partake in such brutal massacre, nor would my fellow Gilneans. Perhaps you should partake in acquiring some manners?
Oh no Celestine, don’t get us wrong! We would never assume… uh…
Arthur… maybe we should go.
If somebody in the Dreamgrove murdered some bunnies, who do you think it would be?
Just because I be a feral druid don’t mean I be attackin’ critters! What about you, cat-boy? You be killin’ for fun?

For the record I do NOT kill bunnies.
Also… Zen’tabra is very scary.
Hi friends! What can Brightwing do for you?
Bunnies have been murdered in the Dreamgrove! Have you seen anybody suspicious?
Bunnies? Yum! Where are the bunnies?

Brightwing, no! No eating bunnies!
There we were, no witnesses to the carnage of a murder in the Dreamgrove.
We decided to take Omnuron’s advice and use our skills to search for clues.
I’m going to take wing and do an aerial search for any clues. You check down here!
This stick was no ordinary stick. It was broken in half and torn up on the edges. It had to be a clue!
Arthur… I’m pretty sure somebody just stepped on it.
Obviously somebody stepped on it, Thisalee. It was the perp!
Squeaky squeak. Squeaken… squeak?

Squeak squeaker, squeak squeaken!
” Squeakity squeak squeak!
Squeaker squeak, squeaking squeaky squeak. Squeaken squeaking squeak!

Whoa, Arthur. I didn’t know you could talk to squirrels!
Oh no I can’t, that actually didn’t help at all.
I found a single pawprint, leading from a portal into the water…
Perhaps something from outside the Dreamgrove killed the bunnies!

At that moment, I heard Thisalee call out. She must have found a clue that only I, Azeroth’s greatest detective, could investigate and understand!
No way Arthur, that was my clue fair and square. You were too busy pretending to talk to squirrels, while I did the work!
You couldn’t have done it without me! I had to find you!
Arthur! I found something!
Alright Arthur. I found this clue. It’s only fair I tell the story!
Fine… but you better make me look cool!
Through our incredible detective skills and our unending resilience, we finally tracked down and cornered the murderer.
It was time to avenge the bunnies.
We’ve got you surrounded! Your bunny murdering days are over!
Wait it wasn’t just a regular wolf! It was… uh…

Don’t forget that Blizzard is also creating a free Shadowlands mount, available in early 2021, so they may have simply decided to mix things up, offering a distinctive mount as a completely-free reward and substituting armor sets on the shop in the meantime.

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