Stormwind and Orgrimmar 9.2.5 Updates – What Are The New Stables and Workers in Capital Cities For?

Stormwind and Orgrimmar 9.2.5 Updates - What Are The New Stables and Workers in Capital Cities For?

With patch 9.2.5 on the PTR, dataminers and testers have noticed some changes that have been made to old zones in Azeroth. For example, Steve Danuser has already confirmed that the datamined changes to the map of Tirisfal Glades has to do with story involving Calia Menethil, the Forsaken, and others.

One particularly mysterious change has been the addition of stables in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City – along with workers who seem to be building something else.

New Stables

New stables have been added to the Mage Quarter in Stormwind and the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. The reason for their addition is not yet clear.

PTR Stormwind Stable

PTR Orgrimmar Stable

Same Areas on Live Servers for Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Wagonloads of Goods

The stables aren’t the only mysterious additions to these areas. Each also has a wagonloads of goods nearby, filled with decorative odds and ends.

Building Quests

Finally, each area also includes a new NPC offering a short questline each – questlines that involve rounding up workers and setting them to work building… something.

The Story of 9.2.5 – Workers in Capital Cities

It’s obvious something is going on, but exactly what remains unclear. As the questgivers themselves say,

Not much here for ye to look at yet.

Possible Explanations

While we certainly can’t tell without more details, we can speculate on the meaning of these additions to the Capital Cities.

Since we are getting shiny new dragon mounts in Dragonflight, it could be tempting to think these stables are specially designed to house these mounts. However, that makes little sense – since it’s been stated that dragonriding system will only be available on the Dragon Isles themselves. Besides, they don’t really scream “suitable stables for Dragons” anyway.

Another very tempting explanation could have to do with the long-awaited player housing. A little house would fit quite neatly into each area that the workers are working on, and stables nearby could be a place to show off mounts – similar in style to the way that stables worked in Garrisons. The wagons – especially the Alliance one – are also filled with items that look like they could be decorative.

Sadly, fun as that hopium may be, Ion Hazzikostas has already stated Player Housing will not be part of Dragonflight. That said, he has also very specifically said they are hoping to do it – but that it’s a project that would “span multiple expansions”. Who knows, perhaps these workers are building houses – they’re just going to take a VERY long time.

A third possibility is that these workers are building something to do with Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

The Alliance quest giver makes it clear that she’s working on a building project that involves the goods and follows the instructions of the Seabraids – which puts us in mind of the Seabraid Stallion, the Kul Tiran themed mount from the Battle for Azeroth collector’s edition. Its flavor tesk reads, “Horses in the Kul Tiran military are bred from an early age not to fear the sea, and revel in galloping along the shoreline and through the spray.”

The Horde quest giver, meanwhile, mentions an unknown character named Zen’kala. According to the Zandali Wowpedia page, Zen is a Zandili word that means Druid, often a prefix added to a name when they become one.

Whatever the explanation, it’s always exciting to see the older zones in Azeroth getting updates!

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