Strongest Classes in 8.3


Sorry for the reupload but there was someone posting racism in a chat log in one of the clips which we obviously do not consider acceptable.

Overall the raid is look really well balanced for practically everyone. A good job so far

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  1. Nearly everything he said turned out wrong. I'm being benched as a fury warrior constantly, because melee are just bad on the later bosses and also do not have an immunity. BM hunters are doing nutty damage.

  2. Thanks for the video preach. Love how you make it an easy to understand thing. I didn’t know your GM was Alex from Fatboss. Guess I haven’t been keeping up much but I just joined a new guild. They are cutting edge and AOTC to the point they’ll run 4 nights a week cutting edge taking weekends and AOTC taking weekdays. Hope we get it and I’ll see u in your next vid


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