Sturmbart’s Atlas of Azeroth – Highly Detailed Maps of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

Sturmbart's Atlas of Azeroth - Highly Detailed Maps of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

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Cartography is a time honored tradition dating back as far as history, with the oldest surviving real world maps dating back to the 9th century BCE. There are many varied types of maps in use today, from geologic, nautical, weather, and those which don’t show physical features, such as political, cultural, and even electronic maps. What Sturmbart has made would be categorized as a physical map (or sometimes general-purpose), showing a broad understanding of man-made locations, while using color to convey natural features such as mountains and lakes, without the contour lines dictating precise elevation found in topographic maps. This makes it generally useful for providing a variety of information without focusing on any one thing in particular.

Note the artificial details marking Nordrassil and various Shrines, while also using color to show the elevation changes around Mount Hyjal

Maps aren’t Sturmbart’s only strong suit however, the exceptionally talented character artist has also done a number of sketches and fully finished portraits showcased on Twitter, Instagram, and Artstation, just a few of which can be seen below. Fans of his work can also visit his shop to pick up a print of these handsome maps for themselves.

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