Stygian Embers Drop from Trash and Bosses in Sanctum of Domination

Stygian Embers Drop from Trash and Bosses in Sanctum of Domination

These Stygian Ember are a new raid related currency used in varying amounts to increase the power of Shards of Domination. While players can earn 10 per week by completing Shaping Fate, those who enter the raid will be able to accumulate many more. Each Sanctum of Domination boss drops embers, as will named mobs such as Borr-Gahn, Bonesteel, and Screamspike located throughout the instance. We don’t have an exact count on how many embers you can expect to gain from a full clear of the raid, although we have confirmed that you can earn embers on each difficulty.

  • 2 embers per boss on Normal difficulty.
  • Up to 3 ember per boss on Heroic (see below).
  • 1 ember per named trash mob on each difficulty.

Like Soul Ash from Torghast, Corrupted Mementos from Ny’alotha, and Aqueous Reliquary from the Eternal Palace though, embers will automatically be awarded for all lower difficulties. This means killing a Heroic boss without having killed it first on Normal will award all three embers, the same as if you defeated it on Normal before Heroic. Likewise, first defeating a named trash mob on Heroic will award two embers, whereas defeating it on Normal and then Heroic will award one each. Presumably this accounts for LFR difficulty as well, which would mean that each boss actually drops 1 ember per difficulty, though it would seem that named trash mobs only drop them on Normal difficulty and above – this allows players to skip lower difficulties without missing out on the total number of embers earned.

Shards of Domination Gem Sockets and Set Bonuses

With 10 bosses and at least 5 named trash mobs in the raid, this means you can expect to earn around 40 Embers for a full Heroic clear, or ~25 if you only clear normal. Although this seems rather plentiful, you’re going to need a lot of them – each Shard of Domination can be upgraded 4 times to increase their power and the power of their set bonuses, with the cost increasing dramatically at each rank. Learn more about the variety of bonuses obtainable with the new gem system and which items can socket these shards in our Shards of Domination overview.

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