The Shadowlands expansion comes with a LEVEL SQUISH which will change how you level up in World of Warcraft forever.
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  1. There is one thing I want to know should I feel the urge to can I go through all the expansions in order before hitting Shadowlands under this new system or can I only pick on expansion to play through.

  2. Never played wow before but have been playing classic a bit and having fun, I tried retail and thought it was utterly terrible. The changes they have coming out for shadowlands does make me interested in trying retail again. However there will still be one problem…. the game is too damn easy, at least when your leveling. for me that is a problem as I get too bored. I like the challenge that classic gives you, plus I also prefer the graphics of classic, any chance they will make leveling more of a challenge in retail?

  3. Will we still be able to LFG dungeon level with the new leveling system? It’s currently very fast to do that with tanks and healers, faster than quest leveling. Skip all the running around questing, hang out in cities, and dungeon level with instant queues. I have a priest and paladin left to level and am wondering if I can still do this post-Shadowlands, or will Shadowlands restrict them to quest leveling only?

  4. not sure how i feel about this as some of us worked toons from level 1 clear to 120. and them dropping the level down to 50 to only have to work ur way up to 60 defeats the purpose of 120 level cap they have now. i will say they are going to have to do something worth while. to make up for there level squish. and this is why i will not be getting this xpac. instead ill sit back and watch and keep an eye on youtube to see how it unfolds. im thinking people are prob going to be like me pissed off about this. and will prob leave retail and go over to classic or find another game to play in its place. like final fantasy online. or rift. or archeage. or everquest. untill something new comes out. that would be my guess.

  5. makling it were you can level up from 10 to 60 in 1 expansion of your choosing means that's everyone will potentially be able to level to 50 in 1 day…. does anyone not see a problem with that?

  6. I for one am not to happy with leveling increase speed. I feel it’s a bitchslap to people who spend so much time into leveling, gearing, progressing their alts in the past.

    In the end I think the game will feel less of an mmorpg because everything is so convenient and nothing takes any effort anymore.

    If you could reach max level with finishing an expansion I could understand. But this is just a cheap way to fix leveling system.

  7. I wish they would remove levels, but I understand that levels are woven into the whole game design and programming code, so kind of impossible, I guess. It's kind of ridiculous though to have levels like this, all woven throughout the entire game, so look at what they have to do now to temporarily put off the problem another few years. We'll be back here again soon … unless they cap the max level at 60 forever, which I think makes more sense than always raising the max level. Also, I just don't like levels for various reasons including that they divide up the world and the community into various arbitrary regions and make it harder for everyone over time to see new content, play with their friends, etc, imo.

  8. I don't trust this 'level squish' at all. I'm pretty sure that it will mean that all soloing of 'low level' content will be gone. Every zone will be the same difficulty according to level as all players will scale down to whatever zone they're in. So…no thanks. Hope that you guys that DO get Shadowlands enjoy it though.

  9. This sounds interesting except, I feel the levelling is already too fast and doesn't need to be faster.

    "Every level will feel more meaningful". Every level used to give you something. When each level had either new skills/spells or talent points, going DING meant something. When the specs had large talent trees and you could spread your points across the 3 tress to create something truly unique, levelling meant something (if you don't understand what I mean, play WoW Classic to experience this). But then (perhaps due to player whining?), the large talent trees were scrapped in favour of a tree that only gives 6 (7?) talents and you are forced to choose one of three at each level. Then they ripped out getting spells/skills at every level, or every other level. If levelling is meaningless today (and it is) it's due to the devs making it that way and/or players whining "my class can't beat that class, nerf them!". But life goes on, doesn't it?

    As for the "different time lines" issue, I've never had a problem with that. I've always thought of WoW as being a fantasy novel series. Each time I create a new character, that equals reading the novels over again. An author doesn't go back and change their novels to make every one of them be in the same time frame. And I do have different alts playing in different expansions.

    Why is level 120 difficult to understand? Why is raising the level cap to 130 difficult to understand? Is Blizzard suggesting their player base is so dumb that they have trouble counting to 120, so we have to set it back to 60? That explanation (which is yours as I haven't heard or read the official explanation) just doesn't make any sense.

    Overall though, I welcome having a new starting zone that can be used by any character! But then again, the last thing I need is another alt. I already have 28 characters on 4 different servers. 🙂

  10. Question: How will old dungeons work? will i have to lock my character or would i be able to do all the old dungeons without having to lock my character to a certain level? Example, right now if i wanted to do the old dungeons (vanilla) i would have to lock my character below level 60 in order to continue running this dungeons (lfr)…anyone have an idea how this might work in Shadowlands?

  11. I love this new leveling model, as I did with the stat model for the current expansion. However, I am a bit concerned that the leveling process will feel diminished and more insignificant. Like it's even more just a race to max level, and nothing else. Reaching max level should feel like an achievement, not just something to rush to in order to start the game properly. Personally, I have never felt such proudness as when I dinged level 60 in Classic back in the day. It really felt like you were one of the chosen few to be at max level. Ever since, that feeling has been diminishing with each expansion, especially with the introduction of Heirlooms.
    So, I really hope they will put the meaningfulness back into the leveling process, instead of just being something to race through in a couple of hours or days.


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