Super Squirt Day for EU Realms on 19th October – Level Battle Pets Quickly

Super Squirt Day for EU Realms on 19th October - Level Battle Pets Quickly

Squirt, or ‘Super Squirt’ as it’s known when the events coincide, is important for pet battlers for a few reasons:

  • With a Safari Hat or Lesser Pet Treat, you can get any pet from levels 1-25 in two battles. This can be repeated, which is why it makes Squirt so special.
  • Squirt can be completed in a very short amount of time, on average 2-3 minutes.
  • Squirt has a predictable move set, most teams will consistently win without the carry pet being defeated
  • Squirt is located right next to Lio the Lioness or Serr’ah, allowing you to heal pets instantly.

Recently, in patch 8.1, most Pet Battle Trainers in old continents were also made repeatable, at a reduced rate of experience. Squirt survived this experience nerf, and some other trainers did too. Family Familiar trainers (except Durian Strongfruit) still give a normal amount of experience, and can be repeated. Some of these trainers require a little more effort or RNG than Squirt, and are a lot less convenient, but are an alternative during Pet Battle Week for consistencies sake.

Notably, Sir Galveston is arguably the fastest of these trainers to repeat, however you will need to bring bandages.

Strategies for Squirt can be found in this guide, Squirt Pet Battle Leveling Guide, as well as in the comment section for Squirt.

Next Super Squirt Dates

None until next year 3rd December 2021

Some of these guides may be useful for fighting Squirt!

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