Tamable Windsteed Hunter Pet Found in Shadowlands Alpha

Tamable Windsteed Hunter Pet Found in Shadowlands Alpha

The tamable Windsteed found by Petopia is the Bronzeback Stag, located east of Hero’s Rest and west of the Temple of Humility. As Windsteeds are based on the mythical Qilin of east-asian mythos and considered to be otherworldly and magical creatures, it would be expected for them to have their own exotic pet family, but they are currently considered to be Stags.

There are currently 3 other Windsteed models that were datamined in the Shadowlands Alpha, but currently cannot be found and/or are not tamable. It is currently unknown whether these will eventually become tamable or even gain their very own pet family.

The Glimmerhoof Cloudstrider can also be found east of Hero’s Rest by Firstborne’s Bounty, and lowering one’s health enough will allow you to mount on one. This red and blue variation is currently not tamable.

This olive variation is currently only assigned to the likely to be test NPC Kirin Tier 2, currently not found anywhere in-game.

The last variation is a pale one that can be found as the Lighthoof Roamer and is currently not tamable. This variation of windsteed shares the same model as the Swift Windsteed mount, except with no saddle.

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