The 49 Classic Scarab Lords of Fairbanks – US/PVP

The 49 Classic Scarab Lords of Fairbanks - US/PVP

Despite not actually setting out to delay the opening of the gates, the lack of preparation resulted in quite a bit of extra time for players to work on the The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line – although upon realizing the opportunity laid before them those efforts became surprisingly well coordinated, with a separate discord and spreadsheets tracking player and war effort progress. Even still, they only expected perhaps a dozen players to actually complete the grind.

Of the more than 55 players signed up to attempt the Scepter of Shifting Sands questline though, a surprising 49 made it through to completion – believed to be the largest number of Scarab Lords on a single server to date. The distribution is surprisingly well split too, with 21 Alliance and 26 Horde players ringing the gong, despite the server being primarily Horde dominated, and lacked any of the big dramatic server-wide wars or griefing present in some of the other large servers. Congratulations to all the Scarab Lords on Fairbanks, and good luck in Ahn’Qiraj!

Update: We missed a couple, the list is up to 49 now with Discombobulate and LUcifer! We’ve also been informed that the Atiesh and Grobbulus servers reached over 40 Scarab Lords as well.

List of Scarab Lords provided by the Fairbanks server discord.

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