The 500,000g Scepter That Nobody Talks About! | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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  1. hey studen im playing world of warcrat ascenion i just killed lord sakrasis i got the scepter and the neck piece both in one shot LOL and a couple other pieces also but both on my first try

  2. does anyone know if any of these things have unique appearances? Cuz i don't think it's worth the effort if you can just get them from a dungeon or a quest.

  3. Don’t sweat Studen fans most of the ppl that will show up and farm after a video soon disappear I see it all the time a vid goes up a bunch of ppl show up. That one item doesn’t drop and they give up in less than a week and all they do is help my loot n spawn times

  4. the item [Stinging Viper] has the same appearance though I can't remember what dropped it incase anyone wanted to know

  5. Hey =) Didnt know where to ask you, so Im sorry Im asking about a thing that isnt about this video. BUUT… when you are solo Legion raids.. are you able to loot mobs? You see, when I running legion raid and instances, Its no loot at mobs, JUST bosses.

  6. I love these videos! I have 2 accounts, the 2nd one is a great realm hop account! So these farms are super fun! 😀


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