The Best Items in Ahn’Qiraj WoW Classic Phase 5

The Best Items in Ahn'Qiraj WoW Classic Phase 5

The ringing of gongs will soon herald the opening of Ahn’Qiraj, and with the new raid instance comes the availability of several new items which aren’t just Best in Slot for various classes, but offer advantages beyond Phase 5. In our recent article, we covered some of the biggest class changes in Phase 5, and while everyone has updated BiS lists and there are many highly sought after items in the new raids, as well as new spell books and relics, some of the gear drops stand out more than others, capable of lasting well into Naxxramas or even the rest of Classic WoW.
Main Bosses

Optional Bosses

Tier 2.5 sets – Quest Rewards

While not universal for every class, and most of the pure DPS classes will quickly look to replace these in Phase 6, these sets stand out for hybrids in particular. Many of them, such as Garments of the Oracle and Deathdealer’s Embrace are at least BiS throughout Ahn’Qiraj, and Conqueror’s Battlegear maintains a very competitive 3-piece bonus for Fury Warriors even well into Naxxramas.

Blessed Qiraji War HammerImperial Qiraji Regalia, Thick Qirajihide Belt – Battleguard Sartura, and Guise of the Devourer – Bug Trio

Effectively BiS tanking items for Feral Druids. The weapon dramatically increases attack power in form as well as adding armor and defense, although Manual Crowd Pummeler remains a crowd favorite for the same reason it’s been useful the entirety of Classic. The belt exists alongside Belt of Never-ending Agony, which is also highly sought after by Feral Druids and Rogues alongside T3 from Naxxramas, for prioritizing higher threat generation.

Mark of C’Thun, Cloak of the Fallen God – C’Thun, and Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination – Battleguard Sartura

Protection Warrior tanks don’t have quite as much to look forward to, as much of their gear will be replaced in Naxxramas, but a few pieces do stand out as highly competitive well into the next tier.

Gauntlets of Annihilation – C’Thun

Stands out as BiS for the rest of Classic WoW for Fury Warriors.

Rockfury BracersStalwart’s Battlegear

Highly competitive for many casters, and surprisingly easy to get as it’s a quest reward rather than a random drop.

Dark Storm Gauntlets, Eyestalk Waist Cord, and Ring of the Fallen God – C’Thun

Also highly competitive for multiple casters. Caster DPS starts ramping in Phase 5 and continues well into Phase 6, as specializations such as Fire Mages begin to finally get a good spread of stats to enable their playstyles.

Bracelets of Royal Redemption – Emperor Vek’nilash, Amulet of the Fallen God and Grasp of the Old God – C’Thun

Healers have a lot to look forward to, with a good amount of bonus healing and MP5, though some healers may choose to skip those pieces in exchange for more throughput.

Ring of the Qiraji Fury – Viscidus, and Barbed Choker – Fankriss the Unyielding

Two very strong pieces of jewelry for melee and Hunters, which can serve well into Naxxramas. Although Stormrage’s Talisman of Seething is strictly better, it also drops from Kel’Thuzad, placing it out of reach of many players.

Shard of the Fallen Star, The Burrower’s Shell, Petrified Scarab, Badge of the Swarmguard – Various

Won’t see quite as much use in PvE, but all are great PvP trinkets due to increased burst potential, and defensive value for flag carriers in Warsong Gulch.

Dark Edge of Insanity and Death’s Sting – C’Thun

Both highly sought after for PvP, for Warriors and Rogues respectively.

Is there anything that we’ve missed? What items are first on your wishlist once the gates of Ahn’Qiraj open and players start rushing the new raids? Let us know in the comments below!

We’ve also been going through our class BIS guides, updating them for Phase 5 and Ahn’Qiraj so check them out to see what gear you might be interested in from the new raid!

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