The Bold Alchemist – Classic Vanilla WoW Guide – Rags To Riches #02


The Bold Alchemist, a short vanilla wow story about a gnome trying to make gold with herbalism and alchemy.
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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video, this is the second episode from the Rags to Riches series. Previously we talked about how to make gold with engineering and mining early levels and early game, now we’re going to do something similar but instead will use alchemy and herbalism. The method I’m going to show you is quite popular and you might already know it but today we’re going dwelve deeper into it rather than just scratching the surface. Without further a due, lets explore.

In order to do this we have to venture to the location of the old city of Alterac, today known as Alterac mountains. Although Alterac was a human city, its leaders sided with the orcs instead of the Alliance in the Second War against the Horde. In return, the Alliance removed the leaders and burned the city to the ground, proving once again that it’s not as simple as: Alliance are the good guys and Horde are bad ones. Yetis and ogres now infest the ruined city, and some of the old citizens of Alterac – now reformed into an organization named the Syndicate – they’re hiding in the surrounding hills where they set up some shops. The mountains are also the home of the wizard city of Dalaran, which was destroyed by the Burning Legion and is now being rebuilt in a magical bubble.

The reason we’re venturing into this magical place is to purchase the Frost Oil secret from Bro’Kin the goblin alchemist who sells the recipe in limited quantity. Sometimes you have to wait 2 hours for another recipe to appear and sometimes it appears even in half an hour. Why is this recipe so important you might ask. Well, First of all the frost oil is used in a variety of other crafts such as: Gyrofreeze Ice reflector, Frost Tiger Blade, Snowmaster 9000, enchant shield frost resistance and so on. Other then that the frost oil is also used as reagent for 2 quests, A Broken Trap where frost oil is vital piece of the tribute run performed on Diremaul North, but most important… the Coolant Heads Prevail quest in Badlands, part of a small chain that in the end will reward players with the trinket Nifty Stopwatch, a nice gadget to have early game and most people would like to get their hand on it.

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  1. Frost, could you please make a video about materials and how not to loose much gold by getting greedy at auction house loosing much profit in the long run.
    Love your videos bro <3

  2. I remember when I leveled my first character on a PVP server. I went alchemy and ended up finding the recipe for swiftness potions on the AH super cheap. I made sure to do every single quest in Hillsbrad Foothills while leveling there because there's lots of briarthorn in that zone and I was able to get tons of swiftthistle to turn into pots and auction. I made a small fortune that I used to purchase thorium and arcane crystals. Then, as soon as I was high enough level to go to Tanaris I picked up my philosopher's stone and started transmuting the arcanite every cooldown while still leveling. As a result of all of this I was able to have a Lionheart Helm crafted by the time I was level 58. That's right….arguably the BIS helm in the game for fury warrior and I had it at level 58, lulz.

  3. I might need to make a separate Classic WoW playlist just for your videos in addition to the one I already have. Love your content and your accent (which I cannot place for the life of me).

  4. That intro is incorrect, Alterac had king Perenolde and after his betrayal Stromguarde occupied Alterac then they let them all alive even spare Perenolde, but he betrayal second time and Aliance execute him, but let his son alive and kingdom, this all fell long after these events, because Alliance disbanded and nobody wanted this zone because Scourge came and bow there are ogres thanks to Sylvanas

  5. Hey Frostadamus, I have a suggestion for a new video.
    How about you compare and analyse the different loot distribution systems (dkp, loot council etc.) for raids? This way new and returning players are better prepared to know what loot distribution will fit their personal preference.
    I know this topic can lead to emotional reactions from the viewers from their experiences, but I would love to see a structured analysis from your side on that topic.

  6. Hey dude! I just found your channel recently since i've been looking up classic stuff, Its great! Keep it up man, really looking forward to all your videos in the future when classic is released, I love your accent too, its so chill!


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