The chillest World of Warcraft Classic BETA gameplay, ever. [CB 1]


This will follow my usual let’s play series formats, but 1) we’re actually TRYING to find and report bugs and 2) facecam.

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World of Warcraft Classic Demo Let’s Play


  1. Talent tree skill ups was a vanilla thing, yes. You only saw it when you dinged. It was weird. And starting zone mobs (hostile) sometimes had tiny aggro range.

  2. I strongly suspect people are leaping to conclusions from anecdotal exceptions more than general rules. From what I've watched, in many videos, it's certainly on average more challenging in the sense you can't just go chain pulling mobs over and over. Preach is a VERY experienced tank, and watching him do even lowbie dungeons like RFC and Shadowfang, it's extremely evident he's thinking and working more. Perhaps not as much as a Mythic boss in BfA, but come on.

    It's silly to state Classic is really hard, but it was more challenging and much less forgiving.

  3. Glad to see you posting a new video i've always loved watching you play you just got this aura that calms me down and gets me in a good mood. Cheers man hope you're having a blast

  4. Soupa instead of just hiding chat with your webcam how about going into settings and hiding whispers , so we can still see world chat and stuff but it weeds out the attention seekers who want to be in a video

  5. Dude your personality is so kind and friendly 😀 I tossed a sub, if you are planning to create a guild or something in vanilla live, it'd be good to be in it 🙂

  6. By 1.12 they made the early levels easier. You will notice a difference later. I noticed on my warrior was gaining rage faster till about level 8 then back to normal

  7. So glad you got the beta! Can't wait to see more of your insight as someone that started playing in WotLK and excited about playing vanilla.

  8. ''Today is March the 17TH'' – And I waited for him to correct himself……….nope, nope he did not. Okay moving on. Haha

  9. Why you didn't report the bug at the exit of the first starting crypt? Blizzard will easily correct bugs if they are massively reported

  10. You can increase the camera distance in the setting menu somewhere.
    I saw some streamer do it and he could zoom out really far.

  11. Mobs liv 25-30 elites in dungeon that hit for 30-35. Tanks lower level compared to those mobs that pull a group of 6-7 elites and he doesnt even need much heal and keep threat all of them just with cleave (not HS not Tab-Sunder , nothing). Im sorry but you can't say the all the things isn't off. There are video from joanna as well back to vanilla and video from the same guy in beta. It is clearly wrong


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