The Enlightened Reputation Rewards – New Faction in Patch 9.2

The Enlightened Reputation Rewards - New Faction in Patch 9.2

Currently the reputation seems to be a WIP as the vendor still seems pretty empty on items, and players feel the rep grind is a bit slow. Reputation is currently obtained through completing Dailies and World Quests in Zereth Mortis. A Zereth Mortis weekly quest in the same style of Korthia’s Shaping Fate currently exists with the quest Patterns Within Patterns, but this quest currently gives no rewards.

DISCLAIMER: The prices listed below are the vendor prices BEFORE receiving any reputation discounts.


Miscellaneous Items

Broker-Themed Gear Sets

Vilo also sells pieces of one of the variants of the previously datamined Broker gear sets.

  • Each piece costs 250 Sandworn Relic. Sandworn Relics are currently obtained from several Zereth Mortis rares and opening Sandworn Chests once a day.
  • Both the gear pieces and Sandworn Relics are BoP, as well as the pieces being only ilvl 229 and not upgradeable, so these pieces are likely not meant to help gearing alts.
  • These sets are unlocked on the vendor after completing Chapter 7 of the 9.2 campaign, Starting Over. You are able to obtain Sandworn Relics before reaching Chapter 7.

Cloth Set

Leather Set

Mail Set

Plate Set

Possible Mount Rewards

As you might have noticed, there are currently no mount rewards for the Enlightened. There are two Zereth Mortis mounts with no sources listed to them (so they aren’t part of the Protoform Synthesis system), but their flavor texts do mention the Enlightened brokers, so these might be implemented later on as faction rewards.

Anointed Protostag

Only those most esteemed by the Enlightened are trusted with the reins of this rare cervid.

Heartlight Vombata

The Enlightened revere all creations of the First Ones, yet for many, the vombata of Zereth Mortis are the most beloved. These creatures are equal parts trusted beast of burden and beloved companion.

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