The Fate of Vol’jin and Bwonsamdi in Shadowlands – Night Fae Covenant Campaign (Spoilers)

The Fate of Vol'jin and Bwonsamdi in Shadowlands - Night Fae Covenant Campaign (Spoilers)

Vol’jin’s story continues in Shadowlands, as we learn about his fate and get some of his questions from BFA answered during the Night Fae Covenant campaign. This post contains Shadowlands spoilers.

We last left off with Vol’jin midway through Battle for Azeroth, as he wanted to find answers on who told him to appoint Sylvanas Warchief and who brought him back. The Lich King, Eyir, and Bwonsamdi didn’t have answers, and so Vol’jin went off to search the Shadowlands.

Now more of the puzzle pieces are coming together, as the Night Fae campaign not only continues the story of Tyrande from last expansion, but also that of Vol’jin and Bwonsamdi. We learn who told Vol’jin to appoint Sylvanas Warchief, but we don’t know who brought Vol’jin back. We also learn that Bwonsamdi and Mueh’zala struck a deal which gave Bwonsamdi greater power, but we don’t know what he promised Mueh’zala in return!

Bwonsamdi in Shadows Rising

Players who read the prequel novel Shadows Rising learned more about Bwonsamdi’s motives: he’s aware of the Jailer siphoning souls into the Maw and has been working nonstop throughout Battle for Azeroth to prevent the Jailer from stealing the souls of deceased trolls. Bwonsamdi has been protecting the spirit of Talanji’s father, and he’s the one to restore Zekhan to life after he suffers fatal burns and briefly experiences the Maw. He’s a major setback to the Jailer’s plans, and this is why Sylvanas sends Nathanos on a mission to subdue Bwonsamdi.

Story of Shadows Rising with Nobbel87

De Other Side Dungeon

However, Bwonsamdi in Shadowlands has been captured by Mueh’zala, Father of Sleep–Bwonsamdi’s rival foreshadowed in the Old God whisper “Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast.” As we enter De Other Side dungeon, Bwonsamdi’s pocket dimension, we see Bwonsamdi struggling in ethereal chains with Mueh’zala right next to him. We retrieve anima from departed souls Bwonsamdi struck deals with, confronting Mueh’zala as the final boss. Bwonsamdi manages to enslave Mueh’zala within De Other Side, telling us that his upcoming punishment is not something that mortal eyes should be seeing. Mueh’zala doesn’t die, but Bwonsamdi finally exclaims that he’s his own boss.

Mueh’zala: Beaten… by mortal? How… can dis be?!
Bwonsamdi: Times change, mon. Mortals never be as weak as ya believed ’em ta be. Dey be havin’… potential.
Bwonsamdi: But don’t ya be worryin’ ’bout a ting. Ya gonna be havin’ plenty a time ta learn from ya mistakes.
Bwonsamdi: Ya did good, heroes. But what Mueh’zala got comin’ ain’t for mortal eyes. Take ya trinkets and begone with ya!
Mueh’zala: Can’t stop what’s comin’, Bwonsamdi. Da Jailer’s gonna break it all!
Bwonsamdi: Tsk. Watch ya tongue, little ting! Bwonsamdi be da bossmon now…

Night Fae Campaign – Da Boss

Bwonsamdi isn’t on the greatest terms with many other leaders of the Shadowlands, such as the Winter Queen, but he still wants to help Ardenweald in On De Other Side which sends ups back to de Other Side.

Quest Description: Ay dere, … It be your ol’ pal Bwonsamdi! I hear ya be workin’ for da Winter Queen. Seems ya be makin’ quite a name for yaself dere! Ardenweald be in grave danger, but da Winter Queen… well, she be too proud to deal with ol’ Bwonsamdi. Dark tings be goin’ on over dere, . Ya wanna save Ardenweald? Come visit me on de Other Side. I gonna be waitin’ for ya…

We learn in Taking Inventory that Ardenweald is where the loa go to regenerate, but some have gone missing like Hakkar. And as we’ve seen in the Afterlives: Ardenweald cinematic, not even deities that do make it to Ardenweald are safe from the anima drought.

Quest Description: Dark forces be at work, . Ardenweald be where loa go for rebirth after dey die on Azeroth. But some of da loa spirits in Ardenweald have gone missin’! Someone very powerful is making dem disappear, right under da nose of da Winter Queen! If loa spirits be vanishing from Ardenweald, what you tink gonna happen to ol’ Bwonsamdi someday, hmm? No, no… we goin’ to put a stop to dis! Return to Ardenweald and search for da missin’ loa.

We learn that several loa wildseeds have gone missing in Following the Trail and as we follow the tracks, we learn Mueh’zala has been behind this! He’s also worried in Stolen Loa that Mueh’zala only seems to be targeting the evil loa.

Quest Description: Ooh I got a bad feelin’ about dis! Wildseeds don’t just go missing… especially da kind wit’ powerful loa in dem! Even da bad eggs like Hakkar and Dambala are protected by da Winter Queen. Someone… or some ting… must be stealin’ dem! But why? Dese loa weren’t even ready to hatch yet… Search da area and see if you can pick up on da trail. Missing loa be bad for business and Bwonsamdi already be in enough trouble wit da boss as it is!

We then learn in Minions of Mueh’zala that Bwonsamdi and Mueh’zala had an “arrangement,” which totally doesn’t sound ominous and something that could possibly return to haunt Bwonsamdi later on in the expansion.

Quest Description: Dese be da forces of Mueh’zala! I should have known it would be da boss behind dis! Mueh’zala was da loa of death long time ago. He be givin’ me dis power in exchange for… well, we ain’t gonna go into dat. Let’s just say we had an “arrangement”… But dis business in Ardenweald not be part of da deal! Mueh’zala be goin’ too far dis time! If we don’t put a stop to it, dere won’t be any loa left in Ardenweald!

We discover that Mueh’zala has been draining the anima from Ardenweald wildseeds to feed the evil loa, hoping to bring them back earlier than expected. Bwonsamdi hopes to meet with the Winter Queen in Winter Be Comin’, putting aside their differences, to warn her of the attacks:

Quest Description: Da boss be puttin’ together an army of terrible loa. Hakkar and Dambala may only be da beginnin’. How da boss get so strong? I not be seein’ him use power like dis before… Da Winter Queen not be fond of ol’ Bwonsamdi, but we gonna need her help to stop Mueh’zala. Ya be friendly wit’ da Queen, no? If she be willin’ to rally her forces, we might be able to stop Mueh’zala before it be too late. Head to da Heart of da Forest and speak wit’ da Queen. She be our only hope now.

Mueh’zala, witnessing Bwonsamdi’s change of heart, is upset at the betrayal:

Mueh’zala: After all me be doin’ for Bwonsamdi, raisin’ him from priest ta loa, givin’ him da power of Death…now he be usin’ it against me?!
Mueh’zala: He be notin’ witout me! And when me be done, he gonna be notin’ again!

The Winter Queen is initially hesitant to hear Bwonsamdi:

Winter Queen: What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Bwonsamdi: Ay, now, ya majesty, I be comin’ in peace! We need ta be workin’ together if we gonna beat ol’ Mueh’zala.
Winter Queen: The quarrels of loa are no concern of mine. Do not involve Ardenweald in your petty squabbles.
Bwonsamdi: No, no, no. Ya got dis all wrong! Da boss be stealin’ da loa from their sleep and–

Mueh’zala also keeps whispering to Bwonsamdi, expressing disappointment:

Mueh’zala: Ya be runnin’ ta da Winter Queen wit’ ya problems now?
Mueh’zala: Some loa of death ya be, Bwonsamdi. Makin’ deals instead of takin’ what be yours.
Mueh’zala: Ya time be done. Ya power be spent. And now ol’ Mueh’zala be comin’ ta collect.

The Winter Queen still distrusts Bwonsamdi, but decides in Gathering The Hunt that Mueh’zala must be dealt with, mobilizing the Wild Hunt. Meanwhile, Bwonsamdi must deal with Mueh’zala once and for all:

Bwonsamdi: Looks like I gonna have ta settle da score wit’ da boss…once and for all.
Bwonsamdi: Mueh’zala be mighty strong and plenty mean, but don’t ya worry ’bout ol’ Bwonsamdi. Dis ol’ loa still got a few tricks up his sleeve!
Bwonsamdi: But when ya finished helpin’ da Winter Queen, maybe ya come on over to de Other Side. Just ta check in on ya friend, eh?

We try to help the Wild Hunt fight against the forces of Mueh’zala in Cleansing the Forest, but it’s a challenge as the loa Dambala has awakened. We’re eventually successful and while the Winter Queen is happy, her focus remains on Ardenweald, not Bwonsamdi.

Night Fae Campaign – Deal for a Loa

Several quest chapters later, Bwonsamdi once again returns to make a deal with the Winter Queen in An Expected Guest:

While we wait to hear from Huln, there is another matter that must be attended to. Bwonsamdi. He has returned to Ardenweald. The Wild Hunt believes he is here to make a deal with the Winter Queen. But I know he is here for a different purpose. One that will usher in great change. Go to Bwonsamdi, and see what you can do to aid him.

In Something Extra for the Winter Queen, Bwonsamdi claims that Mueh’zala stole things from the Winter Queen. This is just a ploy however to get us into the necropolis and have us help Bwonsamdi first.

Bwonsamdi: Come along back ta me necropolis, friend. Den we be gettin’ sometin’ special for da Winter Queen.
Bwonsamdi: Me necropolis be right dis way, friend. Tings might be a lil’…messy. But nothin’ a big, brave hero can’t be handlin’…eh?
Mueh’zala: Look who be comin’ back ta his little necropolis. Ya scared me followers gonna tear it down?
Bwonsamdi: Tsk, tsk, little loa. Bwonsamdi got plans for ya ragged ol’ followers.

Mueh’zala’s presence is causing all the undead from Nazmir to overrun Bwonsamdi at the necropolis, and so we need to slay a ghostly champion of Mueh’zala’s in The Problem with Containing a Death Loa, obtain dark mojo in Dark Mojo for a Dark Loa, and heal Bwonsamdi’s worshippers in Delaying the Other Side.

Mueh’zala: Me forces be here ta free me…and den ya gonna be real sorry.
Bwonsamdi: Ya disciples be weak, Mueh’zala! Tired ol’ bones and spooky little spirits.
Bwonsamdi: Bwonsamdi got all da Zandalari praisin’ me! Without da Jailer, ya just be a forgotten loa. Poor, poor Mueh’zala!

Bwonsamdi then starts the ritual to get Mueh’zala to talk in One Little Whisper, which requires us to sacrifice a tiny bit of our life essence…totally normal, right?

Quest Description: Here be da deal, . To get Mueh’zala talkin’, we gotta feed him a teeny bit a da life essence of everybody in dis room. Why ya be lookin’ at me like dat? When has ol’ Bwonsamdi ever let ya down? I be usin’ da mojo ya got to pull da truth outta him while he be feedin’. Oh, uh, just two more tings. First, I need ya to be ringin’ an invitation to a special… friend. Den I be giving ya more of me mojo powder. Use it during da ritual if any o’ me followers be gettin’ too weak.

The ritual also involves summoning a spirit from our past…Vol’jin!

Bwonsamdi: Me special guest gonna be real interested ta hear what Mueh’zala be sayin’. Dey got a…special connection.
Vol’jin: Bwonsamdi! Ya be too important ta summon me yaself!?
Bwonsamdi: Don’t ya be fussy now, Vol’jin! I got sometin’ here ya gonna wanna see!

The ritual is now ready to begin. Mueh’zala confirms he told Vol’jin to appoint Sylvanas Warchief, and what’s more, he trapped a wild god in the Maw.

Bwonsamdi: Me be loosenin’ da bindin’s on Mueh’zala now. Ya best be makin’ sure me people don’t be lost ta his power.
Bwonsamdi: Tink ya be breakin’ free now Mueh’zala? Hmph.
Mueh’zala: Foolish loa! Ya don’t be stoppin’ me power. First I be feastin’ on ya followers…den you!
Bwonsamdi: Hah! I be callin’ da shots now! So ya best be tellin’ me all da bad, bad things ya did ta Ardenweald.
Mueh’zala: Feh! Me no bow down to ya cheap tricks!
Bwonsamdi: Tsk. Such a grumpy loa! I…said…SPEAK!
Mueh’zala: ARGH! Ya be too late! Me gave an ancient spirit da choice ta be joinin’ me. Dey made a baaaaad choice, and now dey be trapped in da Maw!
Bwonsamdi: Ya don’t say? Well, good ting me got a deal with dis mortal who gonna jump in dat bad ol’ place…and be gettin’ out again!
Mueh’zala: Ya don’t be stoppin’ da Jailer! Him be workin’ his plans for a long time. A loooooong time.
Mueh’zala: War been burnin’ dis whole world ta ashes…all over one…little…whisper ta dis foolish troll.
Vol’jin: Dat voice…whisperin’ as da poison be burnin’ in me veins…Windrunner…
Mueh’zala: Oh, ya like me whispers, little chieftain? Was gonna send ya soul to da Maw meself…but ya bond ta dis world be too hard ta break.
Bwonsamdi: Ya be borin’ us, Mueh’zala. Time for ya to b goin’ back to de Other Side.
Bwonsamdi: Don’t ya be worryin’ though! Ya got yaself a new master…
Bwonsamdi: Ya ol’ friend Bwonsamdi.
Vol’jin: It be me who named Sylvanas warchief. But Mueh’zala and da Jailer…dey be pullin’ da strings all along.
Bwonsamdi: Den how ’bout we gettin’ some payback, hmm? Rescue dat ancient spirit from da Maw…and bring it nice and safe to da Winter Queen.

We then go to rescue the wild god in Maw Manifested, and Vol’jin emphatically wants to come along to make up for his past:

Vo’jin: I be goin’ with’ ya to da Maw. Mueh’zala be makn’ a fool out a me. I no gonna sit back and let someone else be cleanin’ up his mess. We gonna find dis missin’ wild god together.
Vol’jin: Bwonsamdi, dere be no escapin’ da Maw, ya? If I be going in…
Bwonsamdi: Ya heard ol’ Mueh’zala. Ya soul still be havin’ threads tyin’ it ta Azeroth. Just like our friend here.

We enter the Maw and start tracking dow the missing spirits of Ardenweald in Tracking a Wild God. First we rescue Ashamane, a Wild God whose heroic sacrifice saved Suramar in the War of the Ancients.

You…you are no torturer. I was within…a beautiful forest…and then some force took me… My captors return…guard me…until my strength returns…!
I remember being ripped from a forest. Refusing to aid that vile Mueh’zala…then being thrown into here. If I had my strength, I would rip him apart and scatter his remains across all of existence! I must return to this forest. What aid can you give me?

Even though it’s not part of our initial plan, we then rescue the loa Hi’reek and Shadra in Loa Rescue, who died during Battle for Azeroth.

Quest Description: Me know dat we only be here ta rescue Ashamane, but me be sensin’ more loa bein’ tortured up ahead. Dey be familiar loa, but me no be knowin’ who dey be. All me be tellin’ is dey no belong in dis place. Dey shoulda gone ta Ardenweald. We need ta rescue de loa stuck in here! If me be correct, dere be three of dem.

Finally, we find Rezan, Loa of Kings but he’s near-death and protected by a powerful barrier. We accept some of Vol’jin’s anima to fight through to Rezan, but it’s too late to save the Loa of Kings. Instead, Rezan gives the final piece of his essence to Vol’jin.

Rezan: Not…yet…
Vol’jin: No! Rezan, we gonna take ya outta here. Get ya strength back.
Rezan: Vol’jin…of the Darkspear…your soul is fierce. You seek…justice.
Rezan: The last glimmer…of my essence…is yours. Carry it…to Ardenweald.
Rezan: Let all that I was…be reborn…within you.
Vol’jin: No…I be just an old shadow hunter. Our people, dey be needin’ ya!
Rezan: You…are the one…they need…
Vol’jin: Rezan, I not be wastin’ ya gift. Ya name gonna be remembered, always.

We then return to Ardenweald in Parting Ways with the three loa, Vol’jin, and Bwonsamdi.

Bwonsamdi: Hey dere, ya majesty! Ya ol’ friend Bwonsamdi be helpin’ dis one find alla dem missin’ loa.
Winter Queen: I will take these three spirits into our care, Bwonsamdi.
Winter Queen: Along with this other…intriguing…a mortal soul entwined with the essence of a loa.
Winter Queen: I cannot say what fate will befall you, Vol’jin of the Darkspear. But I offer you this chance to one day be reborn anew.
Vol’jin: I be deeply honored, ya majesty. , thank ya for all ya done for me…in life, and in death.
Vol’jin: Looks like ol’ Vol’jin be startin’ a new hunt…after I be gettin’ some rest.

With the loa and Vol’jin now beginning the process of regenerating in wild seeds, Bwonsamdi goes back to pitching a deal, but he’s quickly shot down by the Winter Queen.

Bwonsamdi: Well suuuuuure ya majesty, ol’ Bwonsamdi be glad ta give you one a da souls he risk his neck ta save. And in return all he be askin’ for is–
Winter Queen: Depart.
Bwonsamdi: Fine, fine. But if ya ever need dis ol’ loa, just come on over to de Other Side, eh? Hehe.

We share the good news with Ysera, who is happy to learn that the loa were rescued from the Maw and that she’s keen to know what will happen to Vol’jin.

Like many of the Covenant Campaigns, this story ends on an open note. We don’t know what the deal was between Bwonsamdi and Mueh’zala, who specifically pulled Vol’jin back from Death, or what will happen to Vol’jin once he leaves the wildseed. But for now, Vol’jin’s spirit is intertwined with Rezan, Loa of Kings so it sounds like his story will take an interesting turn whenever he wakes up and rejoins the hunt!

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