The Great Push Retrospective Interview with Healingstat and Dot Esports

The Great Push Retrospective Interview with Healingstat and Dot Esports

This is only a recap – check out the full interview with Healingstat on Dot Esports.

Challenges and Lessons Learned from the One-Off Event

  • Blizzard was very satisfied with the event and its viewership and are already committed to do one more one-off event later this year.
  • One-offs are for dungeons only right now, but they’re exploring multiple types of events to happen in the future. While there are a lot of ideas for the MDI, they can’t all be applied without ruining the integrity of the competition; this type of event allows them much more freedom to experiment.
  • Having all teams running simultaneously on broadcast proved to be a huge challenge for the team, though they were happy with the concurrent viewership on Twitch and Youtube, as well as player streamed perspectives discussing approach and viewer’s opinions on strategy.

Player Time Spent & Rest Mode

  • Blizzard wanted to be conscious about how much time players are spending preparing for the tournament, resulting in a condensed two weekend qualification period, with adjusted time zones to make sure that all regions could compete.
  • In the main MDI events and other games like League of Legends, players frequently go straight into practice after their matches, resulting in long periods of playtime without rest. They wanted to avoid making this a focus, opting to introduce a “rest mode” period which stopped players from running after the five-hour period was over during their play day.
  • Affixes were revealed at the start of the broadcast so that players work out their strategy in real time, rather than prepare ahead.

MDI & AWC Prize Pools

  • MDI and AWC will have bigger prize pools of around $1,000,000 dollars this year.
  • Season 2 of the MDI will be condensed into shorter timeframes and the cup format adjusted to create a much more compact season.

Echo Controversy

  • Echo’s win was a point of controversy, which Blizzard was “not super happy” with – in the future, tactics which would be deemed controversial will need to have a VoD provided beforehand for review.
  • The admins were informed of the mobsnapping Plagueborer tactic, but were not made aware of the Misdirect component of the strategy.
  • Blizzards philosophy is not to rush into a decision, so that they can analyze what’s happened and then be confident in our ruling. In the MDI format, they can tell a team to replay the game without having a big impact on the tournament, but TGP’s more experimental continuous gameplay format is more of a gray area, and a good opportunity to test boundaries.

Future Events

Blizzard is already committed to do one more one-off event in the last quarter of this year.
Their intent is to make it offseason after the Season 2 AWC and MDI tournaments.
The next event will be something different and may iterate on the TGP format, or go a different way, such as last man standing.[/ul

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