The Lessons Shadowlands MUST Learn From BfA: World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands may not be in Beta yet but that release date gets closer and closer. For it to be a success, there are some lessons that Blizzard have to learn from Battle For Azeroth (and WoW Classic) – good and bad. We talk content schedules and 9.0 patches, what Covenants and Soulbinds need to learn from the Azerite and the AP grind, mini-raids, mage tower, Mythic+, time-gating content in the War Campaign, the pain of Dazar Alor and how Oribos can avoid the same mistakes. IThe Maw, Torghast and more. Join us!

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  1. Also, seasonal M+ tier sets would be so coooooool, like pvp season sets, but with tier set bonuses that make m+ a bit more interesting, like take 0 dmg from necrotic or something I dunno

  2. I mean Bfa is a shit expansion, but I really loved how in the beginning, I thought we were fighting the other faction for the control over Azeroth, but ended up fighting to save Azeroth itself

  3. If zones were much larger, interesting and densely packed with activities… Then there wouldn't BE a need to lock flying behind a time-gated, two-part achievement with frankly absurd requirements. Nobody enjoyed grinding rep for Tortollans, and those that did are lying. If NOT zipping around on a mount is more interesting, then less people are going to zip around on said mounts.

    The truth is that removing the ability to fly is a means to artificially slow progression. It takes you longer to grind mats, it takes you longer to reach a quest hub, it takes you longer to deliver those quests, it takes you longer to do your WQ's. EVERYTHING takes longer. You will be dazed, dismounted and probably die of fall damage constantly. As a result that means Blizzard can skimp on all aspects of development because it takes MORE time to do LESS content. THAT is why they time gate flying, and WE need to stop pretending otherwise.

    My list for Shadowlands;

    Grant flying. Make zones more interesting instead.

    Meaningful and impactful progression. Doing the same Mythic+ for the same item that is now 10 ilvl higher and has 30-40 more Crit is absurd, and expecting players to do that is insanity.

    Remove Allied Races entirely, fit additional races into the expansion's narrative in a way that makes sense. A Void Elf joining the Alliance during the assault on Argus, then expected to go level in Westfall? Not only are you deprived of something you're hyped for until you've grinded every day for 2-3 weeks… The result is inescapably stupid. If you're not going to give them the Death Knight, Demon Hunter and Pandaren treatment with a whole sequence of quests culminating in joining their respective factions, then just add them as a race and be done with it.

  4. The story and feel of bfa sucked, hope they make it like wrath or burning crusade where it focused on an actual enemy instead of stupid worms and titan bullshit

  5. honestly i think we also need more patches per expansion because the expansion lifetime just feels too low to me just like an extra half a year or maybe even a year would be really cool to me

  6. hey BC sort a had illidan twirling his thumbs playing with a skull till we went and snuck up on him and killed him!
    hahah, i kid because i really enjoyed Burning crusade with the wild new world.

  7. Flying is always going to be a thing, I love flying mounts and the ability to fly makes life so much better.

    Also pathfinder happens as you play, I came back and all my reps for the first month or so of BFA were revered, and this mean to just needed to focus on the last two reputations.

  8. I want arenas that rent just a themed area with the same pillars over and over. Make things a little more creative, platforms that move, things that drop. Something…anything!

  9. With all the levels being squished, what happens if I level a character to lvl 60 and then shadowlands hits? will It stay on lvl 60 or will it be proportionally squished to lvl 30 for example?

  10. God I absolutely hate Pathfinder to fly if you want to make it interesting🙄 make it a guest like the pally or warlocks mount quest not to long not to short and not annoying like Pathfinder

  11. Earning flying was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn grindy. It was way too painful to unlock. I was late to the show and I preferred dungeon leveling. This made earning flying ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE! I had to go back after reaching max level to go and do quests that gave me nothing but achievements. BUT as soon as I finished that the new patch came out and I went from grinding quests…… to grinding MORE quests. This completely killed the whole game for my wife and myself.


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