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  1. So I have been watching quite a few of these and I looked at my old original toons back from 2007 and noticed I have a Goblin Screwdriver (original lvl 17 twink dagger). Hard to sell it, but when I do, it will be millions.

  2. I think you're more likely to win the lottery than to make money with this spawn.

    First it has to be up – seems to have a long respawn timer
    Second you have to dodge everyone else who might be camping it too (3 different realms there was always someone else there when I checked)
    Thirdly you have to actually get the good drops – maybe around 1%?
    Fourthly they have to actually sell, might take months or even years on some realms

    So, as exciting as a big million dollar drop sounds I think you'd make more money, and more consistently with a lot of other strategies. But hey, if you are passing through westfall and the guy is up – give it a bash.

  3. Im browsing the website that records AH sales on all servers and I dont see a single Ghoulfang not presently or in the past

  4. Does anyone have some information on what items did re-enter the game. There’s a particular dagger I’ve wanted for years wondering if I just need farm MORE spiders

  5. Hey Studen, what is that white screen you use to check the prices and availability of those items? Thanks for the video.

  6. I found out any tmogworth more than 30k never sells, got mistwalkers, chans robes months ago, has yet to sell, I got 2 chans robes, only sold one for 25k (half off) got 2 bows that are worth 100k but I always list at 40 to 50k, been posting these for more than 4 months….


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